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Video Recording of the GDPR Webinar from 3/6/2018 Now Available


"What are the main hurdles for implementing the GDPR?" – "What‘s behind the term ‘personal data‘?" – "Is the GDPR a law?" – "What happens in the event of non-compliance?"

These and many other questions are clearly and concisely addressed by attorney Dr. Axel-Michael Wagner, a partner of the Munich-based law firm Peters Schönberger & Partner in the recent webinar "The Correct Handling of Personal Data." Marcin Pichur, Senior Sales Director EMEA also presented, discussing the ways that a document management system helps companies be compliant.

This topics still has you confused? Then just have a look at our video! A recording of the webinar originally hosted on 3/6/2018 is now available via the following link:


GDPR Webinar Recording: The correct Handling of personal data


On the DocuWare website under you can also find additional information material and helpful links regarding the GDPR.

By the way: DocuWare solutions for intelligent document management and digital workflows make it simple to remain compliant with the GDPR throughout all your document-based processes. Just make an appointment and we'll show you just how easy it is!