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DocuWare Workflow Manager – Live Webinar: Automation instead of Routine

Employees stuck in repetitive, time-consuming processes with scattered, incomplete information work hard but can’t deliver the effectiveness that ... Read more

5 Key Trends to Shape Your 2018 Information Management Plans

I spend a lot of my time writing and speaking about trends in the content management marketplace. As many of you know, I regularly blog under the ... Read more

Customer Spotlight: Keep on Truckin’ Has New Meaning for GSC Logistics

Drayage, cross-docking and transloading are a few of the services GSC Logistics supplies to importers and exporters throughout California. These ... Read more

Automated and Collaborative Workflows – Where Should You Start?

In my last post, The Results Gap -- Automated Workflow Intentions vs. Reality – I discussed a recent AIIM report on Business Process Automation in ... Read more

The Results Gap – Automated Workflow Intentions vs. Reality

This is the first of two posts focusing on the critical importance of automated, collaborative workflows.  I was reading through an AIIM report – ... Read more

5 Tips for Successful Content Management Implementation

The only constant, the saying goes, is change. In your constant efforts to improve and grow your business, you will need to change business ... Read more

5 Predictions for 2017 About ECM and the Future of Digital Documents

According to the industry association AIIM, in the past 20 years, we’ve been through 3 distinct eras in the evolution of digital documents and the ... Read more

Increasing Productivity By Eliminating Paper In Municipal Enterprises

When dealing with local government offices, customers are always alarmed at the overwhelming amount of paperwork associated with even the simplest of ... Read more

How To Use Digital Innovation To Differentiate Your Business

Digital innovation is no light endeavor, but it is one that positively impacts your business internally and externally. Read more

How Digitizing Government Workflows Increases Audit Trail Control

Federal, state and local government agencies are experiencing a paper problem, and it’s one that’s slowing them down, creating inefficiencies and ... Read more