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How Can Your Organization Embrace its Inner Agility?

A recent McKinsey article, Leading with Inner Agility, caught my attention. The article focuses on how organizations are dealing with the rising tide ... Read more

4 Problems That Slow Business Agility and Digital Transformation

The most recent AIIM industry survey – just released – paints a thought-provoking picture of the current state of digital transformation. Read more

New Ebook Explains Why the Cloud Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

Are you debating whether to move your documents and digital workflow to the cloud, but not sure where to get practical input? Download the ebook Plan ... Read more

Employee Engagement is the Secret Sauce for a Modern Organization

The rise of mobile has transformed how and where business is done. If your knowledge workers are outside a central, physical office, the only way to ... Read more

The Achilles Heel of Many Content Management Implementations

Wikipedia is a good place to start in any post that alludes to Greek mythology: Read more

Automated and Collaborative Workflows – Where Should You Start?

In my last post, The Results Gap -- Automated Workflow Intentions vs. Reality – I discussed a recent AIIM report on Business Process Automation in ... Read more

The Results Gap – Automated Workflow Intentions vs. Reality

This is the first of two posts focusing on the critical importance of automated, collaborative workflows.  I was reading through an AIIM report – ... Read more

With all the Investment in Technology, Why is Productivity Lagging?

With all of the investment in technology, why is productivity lagging? The following chart from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics caught my eye:   ... Read more

1 Shocking Reason to Move Your Documents into the Cloud - You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

If your office still relies heavily on paper processes and physical file storage, you might want to close your eyes now. Our team had a mixture of ... Read more

Customer Spotlight: How Home Run Auto Group Sharpened Its Competitive Edge

Vehicle sales are plateauing and pretax profit margins remain flat. Successful dealerships use their financial resources in creative ways. For Home ... Read more