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Ready to Claim Your Spot in the Global Marketplace? Check out DocuWare 7.5

In his book Smarter, Faster, Better, writer Charles Duhigg explores the science of productivity. The title perfectly describes DocuWare’s approach to choosing new capabilities to incorporate into each new version of our solution. DocuWare 7.5 is no exception.

Our goal is to better prepare your company to respond to a rapidly changing business climate. With this in mind, DocuWare version 7.5 offers software localization for two more languages and new features that make integration with other business software easier and more efficient. Security, for both on-premises and cloud customers, is updated with every new version as well.

Support for additional languages

iStock-165776787 (1)English has become the common corporate language for many companies operating internationally. However, using English as the official business language doesn’t always result in clear communication. While there are about 1.35 billion English speakers across the globe, only 360 million of them speak English as their first language. Because we’re an international company with a solution that’s used in 100+ countries, at DocuWare we understand the importance of offering our customers the advantages of software localization.

Keeping our global perspective front and center, version 7.5 adds support for Danish and Norwegian. Now, DocuWare is available in 20 languages enabling more customers to use our solution in their native language. We’ve found that when users fully understand our software’s features and capabilities, they get more value out of using DocuWare and truly experience its benefits.

Rolling out even more integration options

iStock-470347486Expanding our integration capabilities is always high on our priority list. Version 7.5 contains powerful, new features that make it simpler to connect DocuWare with other business software. IT departments will rejoice because webhooks are now a DocuWare configuration option. Webhooks are easier to set up and less resource-intensive than other application programming interfaces (APIs). A webhook provides other business software with real-time information. Notifications and other elements of workflow processes can be set up quickly and with less effort to run automatically when documents are stored or when associated index data is modified. This way other applications can synchronize data, trigger actions and workflow without human intervention.

Continuous improvement is always our objective. So, we’ve made usage and administration easier and upgraded our infrastructure to enhance overall system performance. With DocuWare version 7.5, we also take another step forward by providing more integration tools and support for additional languages.

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