Introducing DocuWare 7.1's Enhanced Workflow and an Additional Licensing Option

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According to ongoing research by McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm, approximately 45% of current work tasks have the potential to be automated. McKinsey estimates that completing these routine tasks manually represents about $2 trillion in U.S. wages. 

What's new 7Addressing the need for fast and secure workflows essential to every modern business, DocuWare version 7.1’s new features make its workflows faster, more convenient and more transparent. Now, several tasks can be processed at the same time, steps can be filtered so users have a concise overview and notification emails are sent to multiple recipients simultaneously. DocuWare version 7.1’s enhanced workflow capabilities enable organizations customize the steps that will best expedite their processes with a user-friendly Workflow Manager tool.

New user license model provides workflow capabilities to more users at a lower cost

In keeping with DocuWare’s focus on flexible solutions, a new Workflow User License enables employees who require read-only access to archived documents to complete their key tasks within a workflow, using a “lighter” version of the full license.

The new license model is a cost-effective way for more employees to participate in workflows that are specific to their jobs, even if they only use DocuWare to complete certain tasks. Rules, logic and standard practices limit the possibility that human error will interrupt process flow. This digitization centralizes information flow and helps users to stay on top of deadlines.

Intelligent Indexing gets even smarter

The new version also features automated invoice processing based on individual line items. With version 7.1, split posting – the assignment of these individual line items to different cost centers for multiple approvals, is effortless. Improvements to Intelligent Indexing, a cloud-based solution that uses artificial intelligence, recognizes individual entries and transfers them as metadata into a new field. The accuracy of these entries forms the basis for controlling the invoice workflow.

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