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DocuWare Version 7.3 Includes Enhancements to Search, Email Management and Invoice Processing Capabilities

DocuWare is known for its speed, advanced security and ease of use. Version 7.3 refines these capabilities to make the solution even more valuable to our customers.

Take a quick look at some of our solution’s new capabilities
  • Single sign-on is available for DocuWare Cloud through integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory. 
  • iStock-636604928New search capabilities narrow down results displayed, so users can access documents more quickly. This time and labor-saving feature can apply to any process pertaining to storage, index and workflow. 
  • Storing email in DocuWare is easier now because users can automatically store text and attachments separately instead of as a single, clipped item.  For example, if an accounting department receives an email with several invoices attached. The employee saves the email text and the different invoices individually so the approval workflow can start immediately for each invoice. In addition, users can edit documents directly from an email attachment. 
  • iStock-1093349064 (1)The Barcode feature now allows the creation of individual configurations. These separate barcodes can be read more precisely resulting in more efficient document indexing and faster information retrieval. 
  • Enhanced annotation features keep workflows moving. When automatic emails are sent from workflows, users now have the same format options as in the Web interface - a PDF with annotations or a PDF without annotations. 

Preconfigured solution functionality gets a boost 

Version 7.3 also brings enhancements to DocuWare preconfigured solutions to ensure that they are a perfect fit for each organization.  
  • iStock-1127161956New advanced setting options provide additional features to select from including the vendor master file verification, 3-way matching, multi-level approval, and user limits.  All are simple to activate with a new DocuWare form that streamlines the process and saves staff time. 
  • Now entering and viewing accounts payable data is simpler with the new order of the GL Coding table. The maximum button gives a larger view of the table for an improved customer experience. 
  • New lists for those invoices paid by credit card make reconciling those monthly statements trouble free. 
  • Through the use of a trial account, DocuWare can provide a complimentary test of a company’s data in preconfigured solution for invoice processing including vendors, chart of accounts, and users by completing a simple worksheet.
  • The preconfigured solution for employee management includes corporate asset allocation in the provisioning process to make it easier to keep track of equipment provided to new employees during onboarding.

Now even more global

DocuWare has always prioritized a global approach, and has consistently invested in new language capabilities to support our thousands of customers and partners.

With version 7.3, we are proud to add Finnish to that list. The market demand for document management and workflow automation in Europe continues to strengthen, and Finland is a bright opportunity for our user-centric solutions. We are proud to provide our flagship software for a country with a long heritage of technological innovation.

In addition, we're equally proud to add Turkish, one of the world's most popular languages with an estimated 75 million native speakers across a range of countries in Eastern Europe. With partners and users from that region already using DocuWare, we're excited to support them in their native tongue and look forward to growing.

DocuWare now boasts 18 languages for customers.

DocuWare Version 7.3 is available in cloud and on-premises versions. DocuWare provides feature parity between these deployment options.  Cloud customers receive the update automatically. The DocuWare Cloud Team will inform you of the exact date well in advance. On-premises customers should contact their Authorized DocuWare Partner. They will let you know how you can benefit from the new features and schedule your update. 

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