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How do I store documents from tray to file cabinet?

Select the document in the tray and click on "Store". From the dropdown, select the appropriate store dialog. In the Invoice Processing solution, several storage dialogs are preconfigured, and are available to users depending on their access rights.

Index the document by filling the index fields of the store dialog. This is done very easily by clicking on the data in the document (function “One Click Indexing”) or by selecting the index data from the drop-down list.

Incoming invoices in the Accounts Payable tray are automatically pre-indexed by the Intelligent Indexing service. In this case, the indexing only needs to be checked and, if necessary, filled in or corrected. Then click on "Store" again to save the document to the archive.

Note for incoming invoices:
Store incoming invoices from the Accounts Payable tray and via the Accounts payable store dialog into the Accounting file cabinet. Intelligent Indexing is only activated for this tray and store dialog. You can also see this by the light bulb icon next to the store dialog.

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