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Can the solution be used with multi-subsidiaries?

DocuWare for Invoice Processing can manage an organization with multi-subsidiaries.  When processing invoices for several subsidiaries within one finance department, the solution can easily be set up in just a few steps.
Easy to use as each subsidiary is assigned their own “Subsidiary ID”.  This mandatory field “Subsidiary ID” is created from the subsidiary name and subsidiary number during implementation. 
In addition, all relevant elements of the solution such as store dialogs, vendor master records, personnel records, chart of accounts, etc. must be identified with the Subsidiary ID, name and number. 
In the trial account the solution is setup with one subsidiary - the default is "100 > Subsidiary 1.
Subsidiary information is required on all records below. This information is collected during implementation on the data collection worksheets.
  • Subsidiary Information
  • Employee File Information for Requestor Approvals stored in the Personnel File Cabinet
  • Employee File Information for Cost Center Approvals stored in the Personnel File Cabinet
  • Vendor Master File 
  • Company Credit Card Record 
  • Chart of Accounts  
    • general ledger account numbers and account names
    • cost center numbers and cost center names
    • general ledger optional account number and names (if applicable)

This description is valid beginning February 2021, version IP7.3T2; If you want to use an earlier version for multiple subsidiaries, contact for more information.

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