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Can I add new index fields?

Yes, further index fields can be added. It is best to discuss this with your DocuWare consultant before implementing your solution, especially if the index fields are also to be included in workflows.

As the administrator, you can also add index fields yourself later.

Proceed as follows, for example, if you want to extend the "Accounts Payable" store dialog for the "Accounts Payable" file cabinet:

  • Open DocuWare configurations via the main menu.
  • Click on the “File Cabinets” on the Document Storage category row.
  • Use the edit pen to open the Accounting file cabinet.
  • Click on the "Database fields" tab. You will now see a list of all fields that have already been created for this file cabinet.
  • Click on the plus sign on the bottom left to create an additional field.
  • Enter a new field  name and select the type of field from the dropdown list. Save the entry.
  • Switch from "Database Fields" tab to "Dialogs" tab.
  • Click on the store dialog where you want to add the field.
  • Make the new field visible by clicking on the grayed-out eye and thereby activate it. If necessary, place a check mark next to "Mandatory field".

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