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Special message to our valued DocuWare partners

Recently, DocuWare was acquired by Ricoh. This was a significant and strategic investment for Ricoh, who share DocuWare’s vision of workplace productivity through digital transformation. For DocuWare partners, nothing changes because of this transaction.

The DocuWare partner community has been the largest contributor to our growth and success and remains the future of our business. To that end, it is crucial we maintain the highest level of communication and transparency with every DocuWare partner. 

This document answers a few common questions our ADPs will have. For further questions, please speak directly with your respective DocuWare Regional Sales Director. 

Why did Ricoh acquire DocuWare? 

For the past few years, Ricoh has championed their vision of “Empowering Digital Workplaces”. Through innovative hardware and software solutions, they have helped thousands of customers achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity through digital transformation. Their strategy also included selling DocuWare. In fact, Ricoh has sold DocuWare in 38 of countries to over 2.300 customers in the past 19 years. This successful partnership was bolstered by Ricoh Europe also being a customer and daily user of DocuWare. For years, Ricoh has understood the fundamental value of DocuWare, and its ability to empower every knowledge worker in modern business. 

Finally, Ricoh believes in the long-term product strategy and growth opportunity of DocuWare through its leadership in the cloud, powerful preconfigured solutions and brand appeal to the SMB market. 

What will change in DocuWare’s partner program? 

Nothing will change. Ricoh is fully committed to the DocuWare channel, including partners associated with Toshiba, Kyocera, Konica Minolta, Xerox, HP and other MFP manufacturers.  

  • All partner levels will remain in place. Platinum, Gold, Silver and Base partners will enjoy the exact same margins, certifications and benefits as today. 
  • No contracts will change. 
  • All partners will receive equal access to the product. 
  • All DocuWare country subsidiaries continue to operate as usual, with the same high level of technical and sales support. 

How will DocuWare protect non-Ricoh partners and customers? 

DocuWare will remain an independent subsidiary with its own CRM. DocuWare will continue to treat all partners and customers exactly as it has in the past – equally and transparently. 

Will Ricoh re-allocate DocuWare development resources? 

No. DocuWare development resources will not be used by Ricoh. Ricoh and DocuWare are committed to continued growth across every geographical region and channel which means building products for our partners to succeed wherever and however they encounter prospects. DocuWare will continue to release new versions of its cloud and on-premises product on the same schedule, with the same quality, as in the past. 

Will DocuWare continue to provide sales support for partners? 

Absolutely. Authorized DocuWare Partners at Gold and Platinum levels will continue to receive field support from DocuWare Regional Sales Directors exactly as they have in the past. ADPs at Silver and Base levels, as well as DocuWare Cloud Partners, will continue to receive support from DocuWare Inside Sales. DocuWare and Ricoh are 100% committed to the success of the partner channel.

We believe the combination of these two companies offers numerous benefits to our customers and partners and are genuinely excited to continue this growth story with every DocuWare partner. For further questions, please speak directly with your respective DocuWare Regional Sales Director.