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Provide seamless flow of information between applications, departments and teams through stable, secure and holistic integration.

Common application integrations

DocuWare can integrate into virtually any application so documents and other critical information can be accessed with ease.

Integration happens through simple wizard-led configuration, special DocuWare connectors, or programming via standard interfaces.

System Integrations on Laptop


Display documents right inside your system of record. Use the SAP-certified archive solution, based on ArchiveLink interface, to link archived documents with SAP business objects. Learn more.

Microsoft Dynamics

Streamline finance processes with instant data post-backs. Integrate the valuable information found in documents and accounting processes directly into your ERP.


Manage financial documents in the context of finance data.

Microsoft SharePoint

Display key information in your web portal. Store and access archived documents directly from SharePoint, ensure audit compliance and realize long-term archiving for SharePoint. Learn more.


Connect your business’ documents and data. Transfer automatically the data of your invoices in DocuWare to your accounting system to speed up the invoice processes.

Microsoft Outlook

Securely archive and index email. Integrate email into your business processes, meet compliance while handling email communications and make information from email accessible to team members, auditors and others. Learn more.

Integration methods

Integration diagram

Information is only useful if it’s in the right place and accessible by the right people. DocuWare supports numerous integration methods and technologies to connect systems and information together.

Smart Connect

Access archived documents from any program with one click. An easy to configure button makes it possible. Learn more.


Embed URL links to DocuWare elements like documents, lists or search dialogs in any application. Learn more.


Use Connect-to-Modules for a seamless integration with corporate applications like SAP, Outlook, SharePoint or with your MFPs from Toshiba, Ricoh, Sharp, OKI and Xerox.

Platform Service

Use the REST-based gateway to DocuWare and integrate via XML or JSON. (For example, reveal DocuWare file cabinets in the interface of a third-party application.) Learn more.


Reuse existing categorization criteria and search words in your IT system for automatic indexing of your documents. Learn more.

DocuWare Printer

Print documents from any program directly into your digital archive, including automatic indexing from your document’s content.

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