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Office Automation Using Cloud Technology

What Is Cloud Office Automation?

Cloud office automation is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that empowers businesses to streamline operations through electronic document management and automated workflows. By enabling companies to digitally capture, process, and store documents online, office automation using cloud technology ensures documents become instantly available to authorized employees. Through the internet, employees can immediately and securely search, process, save, and analyze company information from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, these electronic documents can be pushed through predetermined, automated workflow processes so employees can focus on using information rather than wasting time on repetitive, manual tasks.

Cloud office automation is:

  • Cloud office automation reduces the need for employees to manually input data into a computer system, archive individual documents, or sift through physical paperwork to find information. This frees up their time for the work that matter most.
  • Documents stored in the cloud can be securely encrypted, time-stamped, and controlled. Companies can set specific approval levels for each document through logic-based rules and allow exceptions when needed. This ensures only the appropriate workers and clients can access documents, making information security and compliance easy.
  • Cloud office automation increases an organization's efficiency in innumerable ways. Automated data entry and indexing lower the risk of human error and reduce employees' time spent manually typing, creating reports, or searching for information. Programmed rules can be set to automatically route documents to their correct destinations and recipients so they become accessible even when employees are traveling or working remotely.
  • Cloud solutions grow alongside your business. They eliminate the need to invest in new hardware and replace physical filing cabinets. Companies can go paperless and adjust their amount of digital storage space and bandwidth instantly, at any time.
  • Employees can easily make updates to automatic workflow processes and integrate their cloud office automation solution with their current or new ERP or CRM systems.

How Does Cloud Office Automation Work?

Cloud office automation combines and streamlines two essential elements of business operations: document management and workflow processes. Often, paper-based operations in human resources, accounting, procurement, invoicing, legal work, and compliance require extensive document handling along with functional, repetitive workflows.

Cloud office automation allows companies to merge all of its various document types and workflow processes into one integrated digital system bolstered by the power of information technology.

Document Management

Document management with cloud office automation begins with efficient and flexible document capture. Documents of all types can be scanned or uploaded into your company's cloud system. The types of documents can include images, email attachments, XML files, and Word documents. Using metadata and DocuWare’s intelligent indexing, information within documents is searchable and integrated with other internal systems and databases. You can incorporate settings to control which employees or other constituents are approved to view and edit documents while eliminating the risk of having multiple document versions.

Automated Workflow Processes

With documents now in electronic form rather than paper, they can be automatically routed to the correct recipient, and employees can be alerted immediately of any actions they need to take. For instance, instead of an employee physically placing a paper invoice in the inbox of a manager who may be out of town or off-site, managers can immediately receive alerts on their laptop or mobile device that an invoice needs review or approval. Additionally, these electronic documents are indexed and remain secure and accounted for.

Why Are Office Automation Systems Important?

The business world and its integration with technology are constantly shifting. For businesses to remain competitive, they must get on board with the cloud's flexible and value-rich capabilities. Through cloud office automation, numerous problems an organization could face over time may be solved with one integrated, comprehensive system. Cloud office automation allows businesses to operate more efficiently as a cohesive unit while adapting to knowledge workers' and clients' evolving needs and expectations.

Cloud office automation empowers businesses to remain competitive by providing customers and employees with:

  • Remote capabilities. When documents are captured and uploaded to the cloud, employees can access them and securely, at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Faster response times. Documents are no longer held up in transit.
  • Improved communication. Employees can easily share the same document with multiple team members. Additionally, the time saved by reducing time spent on manual tasks allows employees to focus on interacting with clients and providing improved customer service.
  • Data-driven reports. Machine learning technology like DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing collects information from multiple document types to help workers easily compile reports.
  • Accurate and secure information. Automatic document routing and data indexing reduce the risk of human error and time delays.
  • More innovative solutions. With cloud office automation, the time and resources saved equate to increased human power as workers are freed to spend more time thinking, analyzing, and solving problems.

Within every organization run by human capital, smooth and efficient business operations are essential. Operational tasks such as compliance, human resources, legal teams, and accounting are often unavoidable, especially as a business grows.

By utilizing the cloud rather than physical servers and other types of physical data storage, including paper filing systems, companies can dramatically increase their scale and data storage capabilities while reducing unnecessary physical capital. This also includes eliminating bulky printers and servers that can break down, require maintenance, and need frequent updates. Overall, cloud office automation minimizes a company's need for physical assets while improving workflow efficiency and increasing scalability.