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The DocuWare Academy is our training center where you can learn how to make the most of your work with DocuWare. From an introductory seminar to technical workshops for advanced users - everyone can learn tailored to their needs.


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To provide you with ongoing education and training contents that best meet your requirements, please pick one of the following paths:


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DocuWare Sales Partner

DocuWare Customers

DocuWare Customer

DocuWare Sales Partners
Provide everything your customers want

DocuWare Partners are known for their high level of consulting expertise. To gain excellent process and product know-how for your customers, we have a variety of programs from basic certification and ongoing training opportunities to targeted supplementary training. We offer on-site and virtual learning methods, such as eLearnings and webinars. Depending on your target group, you can keep up to date on a wide variety of sales topics, use cases and new DocuWare system features.  


Partner Certification Program

The certification program offers all DocuWare Sales Partners the ideal training for successfully working in the document management market with expert knowledge and precise product understanding.

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Certification program

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Base Certification

Base certification is provided through our blended learning program of eLearnings and classroom training. You decide when and where you want to acquire your know-how.

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Through annual recertification, you experience our latest version features, configurations and use cases. Recertification is for system administrators and sales representatives.

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exclamation_mark_icon_RGB* After logging into the LMS, you will find all the important information about training concept, booking process, rules for basic and recertification, cancellation and much more in the “Training” and “FAQ” sections.


DocuWorld Partner Conference

DocuWorld Partner Conference is the flagship event for all DocuWare Partners. It provides insights into the latest technologies and solutions in the field of document management and workflow automation.

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DocuWare Customers
Get the most out of your application

The DocuWare Academy will give you the knowledge you need to make the most of your DocuWare solution. Whether through a seminar for beginners or in a technical workshop for more advanced users, you will receive training that will benefit you and your company. We offer classroom training and virtual learning choices; you can decide when, where and how you want to learn. 

Learn more about our terms of participation.

Administrator Training

Get the know-how to configure and use DocuWare along with our most frequently used modules. You’ll learn system basics as well as the most important configuration modules, plus deepen your skills through exercises / best practice examples.

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In our free webinars, we serve up loads of valuable use cases to make your everyday work easier. Benefit from the knowledge of our experts who provide help that is on target and practice oriented.

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Quality & Satisfaction

DocuWare is continuously working on improving its quality processes, especially in the area of training. In France, DocuWare has already been listed on Datadock since 2020 and we are currently in the process of the Qualiopi certification, which is mandatory for training providers in France; it officially confirms the quality of our training, as well as our improvement process in relation to our commitments and values.

Our trainers

DocuWare's trainers are selected for their diverse skills and the team has a wide range of professional backgrounds and experience (educators, programmers, consultants, sales or support engineers, etc.).

They all have extensive practical experience and up-to-date expertise in their fields. Our pedagogical team does its utmost to respond precisely to your problems and to constantly improve its methods and pedagogical content.


After each training, participants are asked to answer a questionnaire to assess their satisfaction with various aspects of the training (course content, course concept, trainers, strengths and weaknesses, etc.). 

This provides us with an ideal medium for analysing feedback, especially the recommendation rate (NPS).

Satisfaction with customer training: 98% of customers recommend DocuWare's training courses (figures calculated for the period 2018 -2021 ).

In addition, an annual review is carried out in which all feedback question ratings and comments, especially the comments on weaknesses, are analysed in detail and measures are taken to improve the individual areas.

If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding our trainings, please write to us!

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Details on the content and organisation of training courses? Suggestions for improvement or a complaint about a training course? Additional information about our accessibility policy or our quality approach?

The DocuWare Academy team is always available to provide you with the appropriate answers.

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