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The DocuWare Academy is our training center where you can learn how to make the most of your work with DocuWare. From an introductory seminar to technical workshops for advanced users - everyone can learn tailored to their needs.

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To provide you with ongoing education and training contents that best meet your requirements, please pick one of the following paths:


Partner with DocuWare

DocuWare Sales Partner

Succeed in the document management field and enjoy the full confidence of your customers with plenty of expertise and detailed product knowledge.

DocuWare Customers

DocuWare Customer

Learn about the possibilities DocuWare offers to you as a user. Administrators will also learn how to best configure a DocuWare system.

DocuWare Sales Partners
Provide everything your customers want

DocuWare Partners are known for their high level of consulting expertise. To gain excellent process and product know-how for your customers, we have a variety of programs from basic certification and ongoing training opportunities to targeted supplementary training. We offer on-site and virtual learning methods, such as eLearnings and webinars. Depending on your target group, you can keep up to date on a wide variety of sales topics, use cases and new DocuWare system features.  


Partner Certification Program

The certification program offers all DocuWare Sales Partners the ideal training for successfully working in the document management market with expert knowledge and precise product understanding.

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Base Certification

Base certification is provided through our blended learning program of eLearnings and classroom training. You decide when and where you want to acquire your know-how.

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Through annual recertification, you experience our latest version features, configurations and use cases. Recertification is for system administrators and sales representatives.

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SDK Trainings (EMEA)

System administrators receive specific additional knowledge here. Using specialized programming knowledge, you can implement changes requested by customers that go beyond standard functionalities.

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DocuWorld Partner Conference – Review

Every year, DocuWare Partners gather for an international conference to get a look at the latest technologies and solutions in document management and workflow automation. Have a look at recent events – picture gallery, interviews with participants, and recordings of some of the workshops.
SAVE THE DATE: The next conference for EMEA Partners will take place from April 27-29, 2022 in Berlin.
SAVE THE DATE: The next conference for the Americas Partners will take place from May 18-20, 2022 in Orlando.

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DocuWare Customers
Get the most out of your application

The DocuWare Academy will give you the knowledge you need to make the most of your DocuWare solution. Whether through a seminar for beginners or in a technical workshop for more advanced users, you will receive training that will benefit you and your company. We offer classroom training and virtual learning choices; you can decide when, where and how you want to learn. 


Administrator Training (EMEA)

Get the know-how to configure and use DocuWare along with our most frequently used modules. You’ll learn system basics as well as the most important configuration modules, plus deepen your skills through exercises / best practice examples.

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In our free webinars, we serve up loads of valuable use cases to make your everyday work easier. Benefit from the knowledge of our experts who provide help that is on target and practice oriented.

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SDK Training (EMEA)

Suitable for IT specialists who have already completed Administrator Training to manage a DocuWare system themselves. Based on existing programming knowledge, tools can be implemented that go beyond standard DocuWare functionality.

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DocuWorld User Conference – Review

The DocuWorld User Conference is the leading event for all DocuWare users. Workshops, expert speakers, networking and after-hours programming make for a rich experience.
SAVE THE DATE: The next conference for German-speaking countries will be held from April 25-27, 2022 in Berlin.
SAVE THE DATE: The next conference for English-speaking countries will take place from May 16-18, 2022 in Orlando.


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