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Digital archiving case studies

Customers that have deployed document management solutions to support their secure digital archiving efforts show real benefits.

Here are two case studies of companies that used secure document archiving to simplify auditing and achieve a paperless office.

Case Study One

Criterion Tool & Die, Inc. simplify auditing and meet compliance standards

Criterion Tool & Die Inc is a third-generation family-owned business that manufactures precision components for various industries such as medical and photonics.

The devices they manufacture have to meet a "no failure" requirement. As such, the government requires that the company keep records about the parts for the lifetime of the products. The company also has to keep records for auditing purposes and be able to produce documentation promptly when requested.

To meet these requirements, the company first stored all documents in physical form in their facilities. But this was problematic because it opened the company to issues if there was a natural disaster or data breach and made locating documents a laborious process.

The company knew they needed to change how they archive documents to meet regulatory compliance and auditing requirements. So, they reviewed several document management solutions and eventually settled on DocuWare.

All documents initially stored in filing cabinets and big bunker boxes were digitized. Over 16,500 documents are now securely archived, with this number growing weekly. All precision components also have their own record in the system.

Criterion Tool & Die Inc. now meets Government compliance standards, and shop supervisors can now quickly access certain documents when responding to sales queries. The accounting department can also find and download critical financial documents to improve the entire auditing process.

Case Study Two

The Town of Henrietta goes paperless

The small Town of Henrietta started growing in size — and with it, the number of documents that required managing. Department processes became increasingly paper-intensive, with town meeting minutes, registration forms, and contracts, just some of the documents needing managing and archiving.

Documents were being filed on and offsite at a rapid rate. They took up much space, and storage costs began to grow exponentially. Finding documents promptly also became a nightmare.

The Town knew they needed to find a secure document archiving solution for their outdated and archaic filing system.

Enter the document management solution, DocuWare.

The Town's IT department worked closely with DocuWare to install high-speed scanners and ensure all old documents (over 500,000 of them) were scanned, indexed, and securely stored in a central repository for quick and easy retrieval and sharing between departments.

The Town managed to save $20,000 in storage fees alone.

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