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The ROI and benefits of secure digital archiving

The business benefits of controlling the access and ensuring the availability of your business documents can be easily measured.

Now that you understand the security keys to document archiving, let's look at the business benefits.

In a nutshell, secure document archiving protects you against data loss and litigation—all while helping you realize the benefits of digital archiving. But there’s much more.

Sustain a paperless office

When digital documents and information is stored securely in the cloud, you won't worry about paper. Massive storage rooms stacked floor to ceiling with boxes of paper were once a common image of business. No more. Reclaim floor space and peace of mind.

Furthermore, paper documents impede workflow, increase shipping and storage costs, and pose security risks. These costs and risks are eliminated. Say goodbye to lost documents, printing headaches, overflowing file cabinets, and inefficient paper-based processes.

Simplify audit preparation and response

Safe document archiving helps you better organize your documents so you know where everything is and can easily access information when preparing and delivering audits.

The right document management solution offers intelligent indexing, negating the need for manual filing. Intelligent indexing captures pertinent information from scanned documents and fills in the fields on its own. You can then look at any entry and make alterations. The software will learn from your changes to deliver better indexing in the future.

Meet document management compliance standards

Regulatory compliance refers to complying or conforming to a specific rule, law, or policy. Policymakers design these standards to protect people and companies.

With the past few decades seeing a renewed interest in data privacy, companies are having to focus more and more on meeting these standards—or risk a public backlash or, worse, litigation if there are any data breaches.

Just think of the following two significant mandates you've likely already heard of:

  • HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides provision for the protection of a patient's medical data.
  • GDPR or The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of European Union rules and standards that protect an individual's data.

Secure document archiving makes it easier to organize and ensure compliance for documents in the cloud and, in so doing, expedites the process of achieving compliance standards.

Prepare for disaster with data backup and recovery

Data breaches and natural disasters do occur, which can derail unprepared organizations. Safe document archiving helps you bounce back from these events and maintain business continuity by providing active redundancy in regular back-ups.

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