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Deployment Flexibility

Deploy DocuWare in the model that fits your organization: as a SaaS cloud solution, traditional on-premises, or in a hybrid model—with zero compromise on features, capabilities and user experience.

DocuWare Cloud Hybrid Solution

DocuWare Cloud

For the ultimate in financial and system flexibility, enjoy the complete DocuWare suite as a cloud solution. Built upon a Microsoft Azure backbone, DocuWare Cloud keeps content organized and secure, automates sophisticated workflow, and is globally accessible from your browser or mobile device.

IT simplicity

Bypass the complexity of IT infrastructure like storage, networking and computational scalability

Compliance confidence

Keep data secure while respecting geographic sovereignty with our multiple data centers

Financial relief

Start with a free trial and only pay for services that are needed

Cloud Solution Graphic


For customers that require intimate access to their IT infrastructure and systems, DocuWare is available as a traditional on-premises software application. Once installed into a data center, DocuWare can also extend into private cloud environments.

OS independence

The DocuWare client operates on any web browser in Windows, Mac or Linux environments

Database choice

DocuWare supports Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle in multiple load-balancing configurations


Protect corporate information and user privacy with modern, multi-level security

Flexible licensing

Acquire licenses for servers, users and add-on modules depending on your needs

Hybrid environments

DocuWare Cloud and DocuWare delivered as an on-premises solution share the same code base, ensuring matching features and a common user experience. In a hybrid model that combines cloud and on-premises deployments, workloads and information seamlessly move back and forth with zero interruption to team productivity.

Team collaborating on mobile devices

Architectural neutrality

DocuWare in any deployment model enjoys complete flexibility with your current IT environment.

Mac, Windows or Linux

DocuWare is accessed through a web browser on any desktop OS

Document control

Capture, process, route and access documents from anywhere

Mobile access

Empower teams on the go with full mobile access to documents and workflow


Connect with applications like Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, QuickBooks and more, and with office devices from Ricoh, Toshiba and others

Design consistency

DocuWare delivers a common user experience across cloud and on-premises

Go deep into DocuWare architecture

DocuWare Cloud Technical Overview

Review our brief “3 Pillars of Success” presentation on security, scalability and availability.

White Paper: DocuWare Security

Discover the extensive security protocols built to keep information safe.

White Paper: DocuWare Architecture

Explore the complete architecture of DocuWare in this in-depth white paper


Explore DocuWare integration capabilities with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage and more.

Take the next step in learning about DocuWare. Get a personalized, zero-pressure demo of the complete platform.

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