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10 years in the Cloud

Since 2012, DocuWare has been offering cloud solutions that are mature, modern and secure!

Benefit from our extensive experience and our cutting-edge technology!

Mature and secure

Over 6,000 customers worldwide use DocuWare's cloud services

Ten years ago, DocuWare expanded its product portfolio to include Software as a Service, making it the first provider in the ECM sector to introduce the cloud in a visionary, consistent and highly successful manner. A true pioneer, DocuWare continues to gain market share and DocuWare Cloud digitizes paper processes with industry-leading solutions for all aspects of document management and workflow automation.

Join us now as we celebrate our 10th anniversary in the cloud. Benefit from our quick-to-use, intuitive document management system that easily automates your daily office tasks.

We'll give you back the time you need to grow your core business. Let DocuWare and our Partners assist you on your digital journey.


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The advantages:

  • Significantly lower costs

  • Low maintenance effort

  • No investment in hardware and IT infrastructure

  • Highly flexible

  • Always the latest software version

  • Low IT administration effort

  • Maximum security and availability


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A few numbers...

DocuWare offers exceptional simplicity from deployment to use, with no limits on flexibility. Customers appreciate this, which is also reflected in the figures (as of January 2022). Looking specifically at SaaS, we are pleased to see activity from 178 countries and above-line growth for the 10th anniversary of cloud solutions.




Customer from the start

"Why did you choose DocuWare Cloud?"


Maier_Markus_WSM_300_logo2 (002)

"DocuWare was one of the first providers on the market with the cloud, and it was also important to us that we could create all processes and workflows ourselves individually according to our wishes within the company - this is where DocuWare convinced us the most."

Markus Maier, Managing Director of WSM Personal GmbH

Why cloud solutions?

Cloud-based technologies and the way we use them at work and in our personal lives continue to transform the way companies do business. But why should you rely on cloud solutions?

  1. Tremendous improvements in security, scalability, and reliability of cloud infrastructures eliminate the potential risks that have historically kept companies from adopting cloud-based software. Cloud solutions enable companies to scale without downtime and complex development cycles, integrate with other applications, design new workflows and incorporate additional business processes.
  2. Even the smallest businesses can process, analyze and secure the largest volumes of data with massively scalable storage and computing power.
  3. In day-to-day operations, the DocuWare Cloud is always fully functional, with no need for customer intervention. With our dedicated security team and the support of Microsoft Azure platform services, data and documents are protected with extensive IT resources that most companies cannot provide themselves.
  4. Due to pressure caused by present-day economic uncertainty, technology buyers are impatient. They want quick wins and real solutions that can be implemented at speed — in days rather than weeks. That’s where DocuWare preconfigured solutions come into play. The solutions are modular and cloud-based which eliminates lengthy implementations, ongoing software maintenance and additional purchases of servers and other hardware.
  5. Our customers face security challenges that were unheard of 10 years ago. From hackers and malware to restrictive privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA, internet security needs have evolved into one of the most important capabilities that a cloud-based solution provides. Because of a cloud-first strategy and web-native applications, DocuWare Cloud is engineered to take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure platform. The solution’s security and compliance capabilities are enhanced by Microsoft’s proactive approach to these business issues. For example, DocuWare Cloud leverages Azure’s ability to identify new security threats and respond quickly due to real-time global cybersecurity intelligence.
  6. With cloud-based software, the burden of adapting to ever-changing security and regulatory requirements, as well as providing redundant data backup and developing a technology infrastructure that grows with the organization is shifted to the cloud service provider. Business owners can focus on their core business goals — which is the purpose of implementing office automation technology in the first place.
  7. DocuWare continues to make strategic investments in time and talent to keep our cloud solution in synch with every technological advance that will benefit our customers. The company uses agile methodology, which requires constant collaboration and continuous improvement, to speed up and maintain the highest level of product quality and customer support. As a result of this approach, we no longer separate Product Development, Quality Assurance and Cloud Operations. These teams join forces under the umbrella of Engineering. This is just one of the ways that DocuWare has accelerated the development process to keep up with customer demand.

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Dr. Michael Berger,
President DocuWare Group

"For more than 30 years, we have been very successful with the distribution of our document management system. Even though on-premises installations still have their justification, we have never regretted the decision to offer a cloud-based solution."

A brief history

As early as 2008, Jürgen Biffar, one of the founders of DocuWare, predicted that the world was facing a "dramatic change. Traditional client-server solutions installed and operated within a company would be replaced by the internet. Those who did not embrace this change would perish. "People are used to doing what they want and finding what they want on the Internet without much explanation. We have to get closer and closer to that standard."

In 2010, DocuWare decided to follow this path and began building its first cloud-based solution. It was modeled on the existing on-premises version and included portals and some management functions. To this day, DocuWare places a strong emphasis on having code parity between the on-premises and cloud solutions, which makes the market leader unique.

DocuWare implemented internet servers in the 1990s, "the first generation of web clients," according to current President Dr. Michael Berger, who joined the company in 2008 as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and was responsible at that time for advancements regarding DocuWare Cloud and innovative features such as Intelligent Indexing. DocuWare was quick to accelerate the development of its own web client, and in 2008 revolutionized the DMS world with the web client based on web 2.0 technologies. Interestingly, just how powerful and fast the web client is can be seen, among other things, by looking at the fact that DocuWare shut down the Windows client in the early 2010s. "No one else dared to do that," says Dr. Berger. "DocuWare is always true to its philosophy: ease of installation, ease of administration and ease of use."



When DocuWare launched DocuWare Online in 2012, the DMS pioneer was among the first companies with a true multi-tenant SaaS application to explore the potential of the cloud, along with a handful of forward-thinking customers. All functionalities of the proven document management system were already available in the web browser and maximum security was guaranteed. Advantages such as easy installation and minimal tech support as well as scalable costs resulted in increased demand.



In 2015 when DocuWare renamed this online solution DocuWare Cloud, the company had already experienced significant cloud customer growth. The business agility and resilience of the cloud platform meant that customers everywhere were signing up.
In recent years, globalization has increased demand for cloud-based solutions and the digital transformation spurred by COVID-19 resulted in over 2,000 customers choosing the software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud model by early 2019.



The pandemic further prompted companies to adapt quickly to the needs to their remote workers. Features such as security for document archiving and access, real-time collaboration between decentralized teams, low maintenance costs, scalability and no additional IT resources contributed to the success.
Within the first year of the pandemic, the number of new customers who opted for DocuWare Cloud increased by almost 40 percent and exceeded 4,000.



With the necessity and subsequent popularity of remote working, DocuWare has seen an increase in cloud customers, especially in countries and industries that were more apprehensive about using this solution before 2020. Over the last 10 years, the rise in cloud customer numbers has been strong and consistent - from nine customers in 2012, DocuWare had over 6,000 worldwide by early 2022.
In the ten years since the market launch of DocuWare Cloud, DocuWare has invested heavily in research and customer feedback to guide the development of its cloud solutions.
One example is the launch of preconfigured solutions, the development of which was based on customer needs and feedback.


Wherever the next stage of the growth of cloud document management will lead,
DocuWare is future-ready and positioned to take on any new challenge so that our customers don’t have to. 

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