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Case Study: Authorized DocuWare Partner

Document Management Technology Ltd (DocTech)

DocTech have over 30 years’ experience in digital document management solutions. Their services modernize, improve and digitally transform clients’ document-based processes, making them streamlined, fast and secure.

Led by Ruban Rajasooriyar, DocTech is headquartered in Manchester, England with remote employees across the UK. The company’s successful hybrid set up gives them a clear understanding of what remote workers need, allowing them to tailor the DocuWare solution to meet the needs of their international customers.

It all began in 1994 at a CBIT convention when DocuWare’s UK team met with a stationery print broker firm who were looking to diversify and offer value in an environment where businesses were moving away from paper-based processes. They became a DocuWare Partner in 1995.   

“As the sole UK distributer for many 3rd party solutions, our development team are equipped to facilitate the bespoke requirements of our clients.”

Working with a solution from its early stages to the present and forging close relationships with the DocuWare team has set DocTech up for success on many levels. They are integration specialists who know exactly what solution will fit which customer. New business often comes from businesses who have DocuWare but never learned to use it, seeking DocTech for support. It also comes from the accounting sector, while expansion comes from existing customers request transitions from on-premises to cloud-based solutions.  

DocTech’s growing cloud customer base allows them to benefit from greater profitability due to recurring revenues from cloud customers. They sell more, sign on more cloud customers and expand DocuWare usage for existing customers remotely.

Ruban Rajasooriyar’s team know the DocuWare product very well. They have close connections with DocuWare employees for over 20 years and have grown with the solution. His team started selling DocuWare version 3.1 and this long, strong history has resulted in deep product knowledge and implementation expertise.  

"We are integration specialists with the same ethos and standards as Docuware. As a Partner, we feel fully supported by DocuWare."

The partnership with DocuWare means his team always get the guidance & support they need, As an organization, they are heavily invested in DocuWare and by being part of the partner network, they can influence the product development. 

"DocTech values our long-standing partnership with DocuWare as much as we value our clients, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years!"

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Country: United Kingdom
Partner since: 1995
Deployment: On-Premises | Cloud
Completed projects: 250

While our customers are mainly businesses who want to digitally transform accounting processes, as DMS experts, we can identify problems in other areas too. Our technical expertise and experience paired with support from DocuWare allows us to adjust the solution to address specific needs and solve pain points across multiple departments.

Ruban Rajasooriyar
Managing Director

When working with such a high-quality solution, user acceptance of the product is high. When DocTech meet a prospective customer, they are upfront on the consultation and implementation costs, clearly outlining the time, money and manpower DocuWare will save and showing what the customer journey to becoming efficient and profitable looks like:  


"The key to success," says Ruban "is to understand the market and the challenges a business faces. Right now, hiring is a challenge and businesses are relying on technology to replace humans. But technology is not a “one size fits all” so we must match the right solution to the customers use case. Our customers trust us, we get references from them, they help our business grow as much as we help theirs - this is important in this competitive arena."

Cost savings simplified and accelerated processes, increased productivity and “work from anywhere” are some of the advantages DocTech discuss with new customers. Add to that the ease of integration with existing applications such as SAGE, SUN, Dynamics Xero and Open Accounts and it’s easy to see it’s a win/win situation.  

"Businesses benefit from a software’s full potential when it's installed by experts. With over 250 implementations to over 10,000 users, we are the experts!"

DocTech consider DocuWare to be a market leader in their sector. Currently 85% of their business is dedicated to DocuWare. As a Platinum business partner, Ruban’s strategy for the future of the company is to "keep doing what we’re doing, grow with the product, continue to be a key part of DocuWare’s product testing and continue to act as the bridge between DocuWare and our customers – because we are in the unique position of being close to and being trusted by both."


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