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Case Study: Authorized DocuWare Partner


In 2018, Neil Williams founded doc-it, a systems house specializing in electronic document management. In just two years, this Jamaica-based DocuWare Authorized Partner signed on ten cloud customers, catapulting him directly into the Diamond Club – which honors the best resellers of each year.

Neil Williams worked for over 20 years at a company that specialized in paper forms and templates before selling DocuWare solutions. When technological change rolled across Jamaica – and paper become less and less in demand among his customers – the company ventured into the IT solutions business.

Neil Williams was able to gain valuable experience in the years that followed, initially selling an American DMS product developed for use in large companies. In a project for the Jamaican government, the company digitized twelve million forms for a census and evaluated the content using intelligent OCR software. “The potential applications intrigued me from the start,” Neil recalls. “However, I also  quickly came to realize that there were other requirements to be met for a truly successful DMS launch.“

“Expensive high-end solutions can theoretically solve all corporate document problems, but in the end they are often impractical. Their implementation takes too long or they are far too expensive for most potential customers – especially in my main market of Jamaica.“

When Neil left his old company, he looked into alternative ways to market DMS products on the Caribbean island. Through a contact from Ireland, he came across DocuWare as a cloud solution for SMEs. After doing the analysis, Neil got down to business: as a one-man show, he quickly founded an IT company specializing in DocuWare in the capital city of Kingston.

Neil spent the first few weeks primarily getting to know the software. He realized that in comparison to other document management systems, DocuWare is very quick to learn. The product is also well-designed to be sold through sales partners: “Its system architecture and administration are kept extremely simple. Yet the solution offers tremendous flexibility for customization.” As a result, Neil  earned both the sales product specialist certification, “DocuWare Application Consultant” or “DAC”, and the technical title of “DocuWare System Consultant” (DSC) through the DocuWare Academy.

“My big advantage is that I focus almost all of my working time on DocuWare. As a result, my learning curve was very steep, especially in the early days, and my company enjoyed rapid success.“

Neil immediately applied the structured sales process suggested by the DocuWare Academy to his customers. He observes: “I already knew the value proposition approach from my past, highlighting the monetary benefits of using the solution. Especially with DMS products, it’s very important to communicate the value of the solution and the ROI to potential customers. This is the only way to be  successful in the long term.”

“I now know DocuWare Cloud like the back of my hand. That’s worth its weight in gold, especially during customer presentations.”

Country: Jamaica
Partner since: 2018
Deployment: Cloud
Completed projects: 10

DocuWare is a perfect fit for our market: The solution is extremely flexible, can be deployed very quickly and is also cost-effective. Thanks to our cloud focus, we don’t have to maintain any servers or make any elaborate adjustments. Our customers were all able to use the system in complete, productive operation just a few days after signing their contracts.

Neil Williams
Chief Ececutive Officer

DocuWare provided plenty of support for its new Caribbean Partner. At the beginning, various DocuWare Partner Managers took over live presentations during customer meetings, while Neil focused on solution discussions and evaluation. When looking for potential customers, Neil didn’t focus on any specific sector, but generally chose companies with multiple branch offices: “Branch office organizations typically have greater problems with paper-based processing of incoming invoices. Receipts are often received at multiple locations, but then somehow have to get to central management. This alone results in a lot of lost time and efficiency. With DocuWare, I was able to offer each of these companies an attractive improvement proposition.”

“The cloud business is extremely lucrative in the long run. If you keep your eye on the ball, you can build a customer base after just a few months that will give you a stream of ongoing income later on.”

Aside from its focus on branch organizations and incoming A/P invoices, doc-it focused exclusively on cloud business. Why? Neil cites the cloud’s quick implementation time – especially thanks to preconfigured workflows – and the possibility of acquiring many customers in a very short time. The result? In the first two years, he acquired a total of ten new DocuWare Cloud customers, catapulting his company into the DocuWare Diamond Club as a “Gold Partner” - in record time. As a result, Neil was able to grow his business by hiring additional employees to help his customers, primarily with technical support. This means Neil is able to continue focusing his own time on finding new customers. In the coming months, he would like to open up further markets in the Caribbean with his company. The next projects are planned for the Cayman Islands, Barbados or Trinidad and Tobago - no problem for the Jamaican IT startup thanks to DocuWare cloud.


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