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Secure digital archiving

For many organizations today, it's not uncommon to suffer data loss, security breaches, litigation due to regulatory violations, and document version management nightmares. Digital archiving services can solve these issues.

Organizations can avoid many critical security issues by implementing more robust security standards, paying attention to laws and, perhaps, most importantly, safely securing their documents using secure digital archiving software.

What is digital archiving in a nutshell?

Secure digital archiving means putting business-crucial documents you're not actively using into secure digital storage for an extended time. This includes digitally archiving contracts, invoices and other financial documents; resumes, credentials and other human resources documents; plus PDFs, PowerPoint files and other sales documents. It also includes digital archiving of email messages and attachments.

As an increasing number of companies adopt the paperless office due to the benefits of digital archiving such as reduced operational costs and better security and compliance, more and more are using cloud-based document management systems (DMS) to store documents.

This digital archiving service for documents, email messages and more uses specific user rights to control access to archived information, and also has retention policies applied to ensure legally compliant saving and destruction of documents.

Why does secure digital archiving matter?

Documents are a core element that keeps organizations running. Companies rely on them to start, complete and provide evidence for critical business processes. Just think of the invoices, staff contracts, vendor agreements, sales materials, purchase orders and other confidential documents stored, handled and transferred between people and departments in your organization. All of this happening every day.

Now imagine what would happen if these documents were lost. Maybe from a natural disaster such as a flood or fire, maybe from malicious hacking attacks, or even from internal mistakes. Processes in finance, HR, sales and more stop dead.

Failing to secure such a wealth of business information opens you up to theft, ransomware, litigation from unhappy customers, and data loss. There are countless examples of companies that have suffered this fate over the years. Secure digital archiving software protects your business.

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