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Case Study: HR service provider

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At WSM Personal, all HR records have been stored and managed in the DocuWare Cloud since 2015. Integrating digital signatures in the DMS in 2020 is another important way they are optimizing their contract management.

Lean and digital administrative processes – whenever possible – are a clear goal at WSM Personal, a HR services provider founded in 2014. The leadership team uses its experience to create a temporary staffing company that has a very clear profile and focus.

There is great cooperation between WSM Personal's approximately 140 employees from Central and Eastern European countries and the German companies in which they work. WSM Personal focuses on specific recruiting countries within the EU (Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria) and offers candidates an "all-round carefree package:" permanent employment contracts, native-speaking contacts, accommodation and company cars for the journey to work. Companies can rely on the provision of suitable personnel with the required qualifications. They focus on various industrial and manufacturing sectors, such as the food industry, construction, logistics and assembly. And their focus has resulted in a very successful seven years since the company was founded. This helped them remain in business even during the pandemic, when many competitors buckled under pressure.

HR service provider
Human Resources
Digital Signature (Validated ID) |ERP solution

We boost our processes through digitization – DocuWare plays a key role in this. Signatures integrated into DocuWare increases our speed and agility, especially when managing employment contracts in different countries. Without the DMS, we would undoubtedly need more administrative staff.

Markus Maier
Managing Director, WSM Personal, Senden (Germany)

Lean management

WSM Personal also owes its success to its lean administration and efficient processes. In the personnel services industry, numerous documents and records are generated. There are now around 80,000 documents that WSM Personal has stored in the cloud-based solution. These are mainly personnel documents - from employment contracts and references to certificates, registration confirmations, sickness notifications, vacation applications and payroll slips. To manage the volume and avoid over loaded  filing cabinets, WSM Personal has exclusively managed all documents digitally from the outset, initially in its own homegrown file system. But the desire to be able to access the documents quickly from anywhere prompted Markus Maier to look for a more robust, cloud-based document management system in 2015. 

Integrated signature process

With DocuWare, WSM Personal has set up various workflows, such as for handling car contracts or vacation requests, which are managed with web-based forms. Managing employment contracts is a central process at WSM Personal. Since the company recruits its staff from abroad and applicants want to have a signed employment contract in their hands before they leave for Germany, a digital signature process is essential for WSM Personal. This used to be handled by a third-party provider, but since 2020 it can be handled straight from the solution with signature service provider Validated ID, which is fully integrated into DocuWare.

The process starts with the employment contract (created in their industry ERP solution) being stored in their central document pool. The document contains a status field for signing; the applicant's email address and telephone number are stored for two-factor authentication. Once the document has been transferred to the Validated ID interface, a link is sent by email. Once accessed, the document appears in the browser and can be signed right on a cell phone display or on a laptop with a mouse. The signing process is completed by entering an SMS code sent at the same time. The new employee receives the completed contract, which is automatically archived in DocuWare, by email. The signature process is also used for other documents, such as termination agreements or assignment notifications.


Digitization and document management are part of WSM Personal's DNA. In addition to its industry focus and service orientation, the optimized internal processes are the service provider's particular strength. WSM Personal has established itself as a strong medium-sized company in a market populated by several thousand providers, including major international players.

The Validated ID signature integrated in DocuWare saves time and gives us another tool for streamlining and accelerating the company's administrative processes.

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