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Case Study: Government

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The Town of Henrietta is located in the heart of Monroe County, just outside of Rochester, New York. Home to approximately 45,000 people, it takes pride in its small-town feel.

The Town’s government offices had a major record keeping problem - paper documents were filling onsite and offsite storage facilities at a costly pace. Town meeting minutes, planning and zoning case files, registration forms, claims and lawsuits all needed to be permanently archived. Searching for important documents in filing cabinets and vaults had become a daunting task and offsite document storage and retrieval was a growing expense.

Integration of DocuWare with existing software was a must

After attending a document management seminar, the town’s IT Coordinator knew that implementing a document management system would solve their paper file problems. The top priority was finding a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their existing software such as RPS (New York State Real Property Tax System), BAS’s Municipal Clerk Licensing System, a software application that automates Town Clerk offices and ABBYY.

Today, the Town has over half a million documents stored in DocuWare. The Town Clerk’s office was the first place DocuWare was rolled out because this office manages all public records, such as real estate and land records; birth, death and marriage certificates, sporting licenses, dog licenses, records of board and commission meetings and more.

Secure, quickly accessible digital records

Before implementing DocuWare, finding certain documents could take days or weeks, depending on the amount of research involved. With DocuWare in place, retrieval is easy and happens in seconds.

 New records are now stored electronically and the Town’s in-house staff back scanned existing paper records, starting with newer and frequently accessed documents. Once the contents of each box from the storage facility were scanned into the system, the paper records were destroyed.

 Expanded use across multiple departments

Every five years, the Town of Henrietta conducts a comprehensive land use survey. As part of the process, the Town sends out a 6-page questionnaire to more than 15,000 households. The returned questionnaires had to be manually entered into a database. With DocuWare’s integration with ABBYY, all responses were imported electronically into an Excel file. This was then exported to DocuWare where information could be accessed as needed.


It was a no-brainer. We are saving money because we’ve improved our efficiency and eliminated offsite storage costs.

Michael Yudelson
Town Supervisor

The Town Recreation Department had paper forms related to educational programs children were enrolled in. These had to be stored for seven years or until the child reached 22 years of age. By digitizing the documents, the department evolved from physical to electronic filing cabinets, putting an end to trips to the document vault to manually search for files.

The Building Department benefitted by storing and back scanning completed residential and commercial building and renovation permits. Employees now retrieve information on projects in seconds instead of the days and weeks it used to take.

 ROI was seen very quickly

The Town’s Return on Investment was realized within 15 months. They saved over $20,000 a year on paper storage. As the Town of Henrietta Supervisor Michael Yudelson stated, "It was a no-brainer. We are saving money because we’ve improved our efficiency and eliminated offsite storage costs."




We need tools that increase our efficiency and save us money. There aren't a lot of solutions that do both, but DocuWare does.

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