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Case Study: Auto Dealership

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As different as the workflows are in a car dealership, the possibilities of configuring a document management system are equally diverse: the Stoll Automotive Group optimizes its workflows at four locations and in the online business with APR Tuning products with a preconfigured cloud solution.

Less than ten years after its founding, Stoll Automotive has had remarkable success with the sale of new and repair of used motor vehicles. The VW and Audi dealership is based in southern Germany with four car dealerships, but also has an online business. In order to react quickly to new trends, the company focuses on flexible and efficient processes. The document management system (DMS) DocuWare has been in use since mid-2019. 

Stoll Automotive had already had some initial experience with digital invoice archiving. When new branches were added with the takeover of car dealerships in two new locations, the decision was made to invest in a powerful DMS. The most important goal was to set up a central document pool in order to provide employees with constant access to all necessary documents, regardless of location. Another requirement was simple integration with their CROSS dealer management system. DocuWare Cloud prevailed over various competing products in the selection phase, primarily due to the simple option of setting up one's own workflows flexibly and quickly. In addition, the system allowed rapid deployment thanks to preconfigured workflows for invoice processing.

Auto Dealership
Sales |Service client |Accounting |Parts & Service
Dealer Management System CROSS

Thanks to DocuWare, we were able to almost completely dismantle our paper archive. Digital and automated filing processes simplify the daily work of our employees across all locations.

Simone Stoll
authorized signatory, Stoll Automotive Group, Waldshut-Tiengen (Germany)

Flexible setup of document-based processes

Today, DocuWare is used to file almost all administrative documents in a uniform manner. The solution transfers outgoing invoices or delivery bills directly from CROSS via an interface. Signed sales orders are scanned after processing, automatically indexed and filed. At the same time, the preconfigured DocuWare workflows enable reliable and fast verification of the invoices received daily. Depending on the sender, the documents are automatically assigned to a specific employee, across four branch offices. Further workflows were set up independently by Stoll Automotive for their online business, for example in the order entry for tune-ups. If a customer selects "prepayment" as a payment option, the accounting department receives a corresponding control document in its task list. Once payment is received, the order is marked as "paid" and forwarded to the APR Tuning department for shipment. Another workflow speeds up the sale of used cars provided by Volkswagen Leasing. The workflow starts when the invoice from VW arrives and ends as soon as the vehicle is stored in the system, prepared for sale, and a picture taken for the online store.

Digital vehicle files mean greater efficiency

Electronic vehicle files have also been newly introduced. If a customer decides to buy, the signed contract is digitally archived. After review by the sales manager, the document is forwarded to the disposition department, where various subtasks are completed. The salesperson then receives a message that all documents are ready for the customer. Thanks to DocuWare, employees always know which tasks have already been completed or are still pending. And via the digital vehicle file, all documents are available at any time.

Making work easier for everyone

Whether it's an order, invoice, contract or vehicle file: Today, all documents can be found quickly using the wide range of search functions. This is just as helpful in the case of complaints as it is when searching for special vehicles as part of tuning offers. At the same time, documents can be quickly forwarded to customers via email. DocuWare makes it possible for every employee to perform most tasks independently today, i.e., without having to assign colleagues at other locations – a great workload reduction for the entire organization. There are plenty of expansion plans for the cloud-based solution. For example, an additional workflow in the online store should ensure faster feedback and even better customer service.

In purchasing processes, there used to be problems when the customer's original order papers could no longer be found. Today, we can present defaulters with the corresponding purchase order digitally at the push of a button.

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