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The Rotonda Group consists of around 70 individual organizations and operates in several Spanish regions. With the help of a cloud-based document management system (DMS), the company automates a wide range of accounting and HR processes.

Around 70 individual companies and 500 employees are behind the Rotonda Group. The best-known brands Magna and operate over 100 casinos and betting halls in five Spanish regions. Other areas of activity of the Albacete-based company relate to renewable energies, agriculture, telecommunications, energy, and real estate. Most recently, the company has increasingly focused on digital transformation. A document management system automates a wide range of accounting and HR processes.

Before the DMS introduction, reams of paper and manual work processes were the order of the day, leading to considerable additional work. For example, the group receives over 120,000 delivery bills every year. Previously, all receipts were collected and sent to headquarters once a month by courier. There, the invoices, which had already been received before, waited to be released. Since the administrative staff had to process a large number of documents in one fell swoop, the company often experienced delays and inconsistencies in invoice approval and storage. As part of the digital transformation, Rotonda therefore decided to implement a DMS. Several solutions were analyzed in terms of functionality, ease of use, integration possibilities and cost structure. DocuWare distinguished itself through a more detailed project analysis, which, together with the solution proposal from the sales partner, convinced the company. A short time later, the accounting and human resources departments began using the DMS cloud.

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The time savings achieved by DocuWare are enormous. For example, our administration team used to need two full working days to process all incoming invoices each week. This work is now done in two hours with the DMS cloud. We use the time freed up for important controlling tasks and thus stabilize our growth.

Juan Alfonso, IT Manager & David Jiménez,
Accounting and Controlling Manager, Rotonda Group, Albacete (Spain)

Casinos and betting halls with decentralized scanning stations

Coinciding with the DocuWare rollout at the end of 2019, they equipped all branches with their own scanners. The digitized delivery bills are first transmitted to a cloud-based network folder, then indexed and stored by DocuWare. A similar procedure is used for the 45,000 supplier invoices per year that Rotonda now mainly receives electronically. DocuWare monitors the company's mailboxes and automatically archives new incoming invoices. If the documents contain a delivery reference, the solution even creates a link between the invoice and the delivery bill. This increases security in the subsequent approval process, as invoice items can be compared to actually delivered goods with a simple mouse click. In preparation for the final booking process, DocuWare transfers the extracted index information to the ERP system, eliminating the need for retyping. In the human resources area, new employment contracts are signed only digitally thanks to DocuWare. In the first step, the new employee simply fills out a web-based form from home. The data is then automatically transferred to the administration software to create the employment contract. In the final step, DocuWare delivers the contract to be signed, to the new hire by e-mail – the digital signature is applied through an integrated signature service.

Less paper – more growth

The newly introduced cloud solution automates many of the tasks that used to be performed manually. For a lot of employees, DocuWare has therefore become an indispensable partner in their daily work. In addition, the DMS increases the potential for new hires as the company is growing steadily. Additionally, the reduction in paper related tasks means employees gain a lot of time, which is invested in other important tasks. This enables the Rotonda Group to better meet its long-term growth targets.

DocuWare doesn't replace employees but makes them many times more productive.

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