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Case Study: Retail / Transportation

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Peterbilt of Wyoming - a heavy duty truck & trailer dealership that builds and services customized vehicles, implements DocuWare to streamline business transactions, improve communications and make operations more efficient.

Outgrowing the paper business

A heavy-duty truck & trailer dealership, Peterbilt of Wyoming is a third-generation, family owned and operated business with five locations across Wyoming. Having been in business for 70 years, Peterbilt of Wyoming custom builds and services trucks for many industries, such as oil fields, coal mines, snow plowing and delivering freight across the country. With 5,000 customers, the dealership processes thousands of truck-related orders, including new sales, repairs, service orders and warranties. Before DocuWare, all this paperwork was processed manually. “We were constantly mailing and FedExing documents between our different locations,” DeVore says. “We were spending more on postage than it made sense!”

Digitizing streamlines business transactions

Every Peterbilt truck is customized for specific business operations, with specs documented when a customer acquires the vehicle. Later, if the same customer wants to acquire another truck, the specs are retrieved and used to create a new order. Previously, sales-clerks had to wait for two to three days for the original paper document to be found at the location it was filed—and FedExed. With DocuWare, this operation takes minutes. “Now they can be pulled up instantly,” DeVore says. Digitizing also streamlined invoice processing, communications and payments. When an invoice is closed, whether for a repair or parts, it's automatically archived in DocuWare, and can be found easily. “I think we’re getting paid faster,” DeVore says.

Digitizing improves communications

Another big advantage of digital storage is the ability to efficiently disseminate information. Previously, if a customer’s invoice was created in one office and town location but the person is in another, the staff had to call to locate the paper invoice—and then scan it, email, fax or FedEx. If a part was recalled, Peterbilt of Wyoming had to locate every invoice for the part and inform the customers, which used to be a tedious manual process. DocuWare sped up and streamlined the process. “We can search by date, invoice number, unit number, and even full text,” DeVore says. Documents can be signed with the E-Signature capability and sent to the needed locations. “I cannot believe how fast we find stuff in DocuWare,” DeVore concludes.



Retail / Transportation
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If a part gets recalled, we must find every customer we sold it to and now we can pull up every invoice! We can search by date, invoice number, unit number, even full text. I cannot believe how fast we find stuff in DocuWare.

Fred De Vore

Digitizing drives efficiencies

With 85 employees, 55 of whom are DocuWare users, Peterbilt of Wyoming stores over 596,502 documents, while scanning over 25,000 more per month. Digitizing freed up storage space. Originally, the company planned on adding two more 20 by 40 feet storage facilities, but there was no need once they used DocuWare and switched to storing files electronically. They have even converted their existing storage area into a conference room. To train staff, Peterbilt of Wyoming installed links to DocuWare guides on everybody’s desktops. The digital conversion didn't result in job loss. “We weren’t looking to eliminate anybody, we actually added one person to do the scanning and archiving,” DeVore says. “Instead, using DocuWare made us more efficient.” The dealership is looking into other DocuWare features to expand digital innovations. One big reason for choosing DocuWare was its ability to interface with other software packages. DocuWare is integrated with DSI Software which is the inventory management solution used by their employees. Integrations ensure easier adoption of DocuWare by employees and help bring more flexibility and efficiencies in the future, DeVore notes. “This flexibility was a big factor for us.”



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