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Case Study: Transportation / Logistics

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The Owens Group is a renowned courier and transport service in the UK. With DocuWare, they digitised the release of orders and incoming invoices, ensuring transparent and efficient business processes.

In 1972, brothers Huw and Eurof Owen started their logistics business in South Wales with just one van. Owens Brothers, as the business was then known, started by transporting furniture, kitchens and piano parts and later acquired two small lorries. Since then, the company has grown steadily to become today's Owens Group, a renowned courier and transport service operating nationwide in the UK, highly regarded in the industry.

For the digital transformation of the ordering system as well as the internal workflows for approving incoming invoices, the logistics company chose DocuWare and its associated local solution partner.

Document management for automated processes

A large number of common business processes were to be made easier and faster for employees. At the same time, they were interested in better control and traceability, as well as less dependence on paper documents. Owens not only wanted to improve the transparency of its own processes, but also give employees easier access to documents and data. They also needed to be able to see where orders were in the system at any given time, so that they could view, approve or cancel related documents digitally via laptops, phones and tablets. The goal was to increase efficiency in the procurement and finance departments.

United Kingdom
Transportation / Logistics
Finance / Purchasing
SAGE 200

Employees can now access documents from any device, integrate them into workflows and, for example, approve or cancel invoices. No matter where they are.

Owens Group Ltd.

Digital workflows increase speed

The project began with the creation of a customised digital purchase order form, which is now filled out for all supplier orders. DocuWare electronically forwards the digital forms to the relevant authorised representatives in the company, who can accept or reject the purchase requisition. In case of approval, the request is processed, and the goods are ordered. In case of rejection, the request is sent back to the sender with the corresponding reason. Thanks to cloud-based document management, this process has been drastically accelerated: Today, requests are immediately forwarded to the approval office, no matter where the respective employee is located in the company. Owens also uses DocuWare to digitally capture incoming invoices, which means that all order documentation is stored transparently and in an orderly manner. Customised index fields make it quick and easy to capture all invoice information. This allows the finance department to easily find the documents in the digital archive or link related documents via order numbers and customer data. These index fields are also used to connect to the SAGE 200 accounting system: the DMS transfers read invoice information to SAGE via an integration, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

We wanted to move away from paper-based processes to have better control.

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