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Case Study: Transportation / Logistics

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With up to a thousand incoming orders and invoices a day, the volume of documents at Meindl is extraordinary. Audit-proof archiving is handled by a central document pool. Digital workflows ensure reliable processing of all documents.

Meindl Entsorgungsservice is a leading waste removal and recycling service provider in the Regensburg region of Germany. Municipalities, industrial/commercial companies and individuals who make up their customer base appreciate how quickly and reliably they handle hauling and disposal. As an innovative and environmentally conscious company, Meindl has set itself the goal of organizing all operational processes as efficiently, modernly and sustainably as possible. For this reason: in 2018, they introduced the DocuWare document management system (DMS).

To meet strict legal guidelines, Meindl has to manage a huge volume of documents. For each disposal order, all transition and accompanying documents must be archived in an audit-proof, tamper-free manner. Plus, they have the usual invoices and delivery slips to contend with. In the past, processing all this involved a great deal of manual work. Every day, up to eight employees were involved in sorting and archiving documents. If individual documents were needed for information purposes, they had to be retrieved from folders and filing cabinets. In order to digitize the processes and enable quick access to documents, the waste management company decided to introduce a DMS. Integration with their industry specific ConWin waste management software played a decisive role in the selection process. They also wanted a solution with versatile application options – which led them to choosing DocuWare.

Transportation / Logistics
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The DMS helped us digitize our work processes in the easiest way possible. With its extremely user-friendly interface, everyone was able to work with it in an uncomplicated way. Familiarization rarely takes more than ten minutes – yet brings us a variety of benefits for the long term.

Christoph Schmidt
IT Manager and DocuWare Administrator, Meindl Entsorgungsservice, Regensburg (Germany)

Administration (almost) without paper

Today, around 40 employees from their administration team access their central document pool. The digitization of all order documents is the most essential application. For this purpose, Meindl creates a digital delivery bill for each order as a basis for subsequent invoicing. After the order has been processed on site, a driver transmits the completion digitally to the dispatching department and later transfers the associated disposal documents to the administration department. There, they are scanned, indexed by DocuWare and filed. Based on the collected documents, the billing employees then generate customer invoices in the ConWin software, which are also archived. At the end of each month, the solution automatically sends invoices by email to all their customers. 

The DMS also ensures greater efficiency in accounting – for example, via a digital workflow for checking all incoming A/P invoices. For this purpose, all invoices received daily are stored in DocuWare: either as an email invoice or by capturing paper records via automatic scanning and indexing workflow. Since it is precisely defined which supplier invoice needs to be checked and authorized by which department, individual documents are automatically forwarded to the responsible employees. They can then conveniently process the invoices in their digital task list and approve them with an electronic stamp, as one example. In a final step, posting and payment are initiated. 

Even the company's HR department has now been completely freed from paper. All documents pertaining to their 250 employees were scanned and transferred to electronic personnel files. Digital workflows ensure that vacation requests or salary slips are quickly processed. 

Better service with digital documents

The central document pool is of particular benefit to the company when it comes to managing all transport orders. If an employee searches for a transport order in the digital archive, all documents are available on the screen with just a few mouse clicks thanks to convenient full-text search. Special conditions for orders can then be checked immediately. In the event of complaints, employees can immediately respond and help a customer. The DMS also lets the company offer its business partners an extra bonus: customers can access their order documents and invoices via a customer portal and download them on their own – a very efficient way to conduct business and completely in line with the times. 

Our HR department appreciates the super quick access to all records. All it takes is entering a name and all the documents we need are immediately at hand.

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