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Case Study: Healthcare

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Medicenter provides care to privately and publicly insured patients in seven outpatient health centers. With over 330 employees, the company is one of the larger players in the Chilean healthcare sector. DocuWare optimizes document storage and exchange at the heart of the organization, from patient admission and examination to the final medical report and billing.

Every treatment generates a vast number of documents, which are subsequently retrieved by various departments. Before the introduction of DMS, everything was filed in its original format: medical referrals and paper documents brought in by the patient, examinations and X-rays in electronic form, final reports as audio or text files. However, the parallel use of paper-based and digital filing led to considerable problems in the day-to-day running of the clinic. For example, patients had to bring the documents relevant to their treatment to the individual wards themselves, which slowed down the flow of patients through to billing. At the same time, retrieving past reports was virtually impossible. This was because records were not stored centrally in the respective health center. Even with digital records, remote access failed because the local servers did not provide a suitable security structure for online access. Medicenter was therefore looking for a central archiving solution. At the same time, a digital patient record was to optimize exchange between departments and centers. Several solutions were assessed and evaluated based on a catalog of requirements. DocuWare won on all counts.

Easy integration into the hospital information system HIS

Parallel to the DocuWare deployment, Medicenter modernized its entire IT infrastructure. Instead of local servers, it now relies on a private cloud with the highest standards of security, availability and backup. DocuWare encrypts sensitive documents, preventing unauthorized access. Working with its DocuWare Partner based in Peru, Medicenter took a step-by-step approach to installing and integrating DocuWare into its HIS: After a pilot project, they digitized the most important processes and then carried out the rollout across the individual medical services and centers. 

All medical departments
On-Premises (Private Cloud)

With DocuWare we were able to digitize complete treatment processes in all health centers and at the same time develop our own vendor-independent filing and communication system for medical imaging (RIS-PACS/ VNA) at an extremely reasonable price. The latter in particular opens up enormous possibilities for us.

Gabriel Caballería
Digital Transformation Director at Medicenter, Santiago de Chile

Today, more than 250 employees work with the solution. DocuWare easily handles a wide range of formats, from scanned referrals and DICOM images to medical reports in audio format. Each archived document is assigned a patient ID and a transaction ID for the respective treatment. DocuWare then takes additional data from the HIS, indexes and stores the documents, and transmits information about the availability of specific records back to the HIS. As soon as examination results are available, the patient is informed in order to schedule the next treatment appointment.

Thanks to complete integration, the users themselves notice little of DocuWare: Instead of switching back and forth between systems, they retrieve all patient records directly from HIS at the touch of a button – regardless of the treatment center. Medicenter can transmit documents to patients via e-mail just as easily. With DocuWare, Medicenter was able to develop its own vendor-independent filing and communication system for medical imaging (RIS-PACS/ VNA), with the best features available on the market.

Patient file offers maximum security

Medicenter benefits from DocuWare on all levels: Instead of struggling with paper as in the past, hospital staff now have structured and easy access to all the information they need. At the same time, the electronic document pool automatically provides the documents relevant for treatment and contributes to a faster process. Medicenter has been able to significantly improve the quality of service for patients. At the same time, they comply fully with regulations on data protection and legal retention.

At the beginning of the project, we were still a little concerned about the acceptance of the digital archive by our users. However, this concern was unfounded – the complete integration of the DMS into our HIS makes document storage and retrieval a breeze.

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