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Case Study: Real Estate

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Linstow Baltic develops and operates real estate projects in the Baltic region as a part of the Norwegian Linstow Group. A modern document management system ensures an efficient way of working and enables compliance with group-wide requirements.

The real estate company Linstow Baltic, with real estate properties operated in Tallinn and Riga, specializes in the construction and management of shopping centers and mixed-use properties. Since 2016, the company has relied on a modern document management system, which has now become one of its key IT solutions.

The real estate company processes around 800 documents every month, which include documentation related to ongoing tenders, legal and insurance records, as well as supplier receipts, such as cost estimates, invoices, correspondence and contracts. Even before DocuWare was introduced, most of these documents were managed using an electronic file cabinet. However, the old system only supported filing and searching via a simple digital folder structure, which made it difficult to quickly retrieve documents during active processing. For this reason, Linstow Baltic continued to work on paper despite the digital archive. Only at the end of all work steps were documents filed electronically. The company's management recognized the low added value of this method of working and set out to find a better solution. The main objective was to improve internal controls and tracking, as well as improve efficiency by connecting the document-based invoice workflow to the Epicor iScala accounting system. During the feasibility, Linstow Baltic analyzed several DMS candidates for their potential contribution to the project goal. The solution proposed by the DocuWare partner in a live presentation not only met all the specifications, but also convinced the company due to its ease of use.

Real Estate
Epicor iScala (ERP)

DocuWare helps to comply with established procedures at minimum effort. Without the use of a suitable document management system, this would be far more time-consuming and cost-intensive in daily practice.

Aiga Brauere
Innovations & Technology Director, Linstow Baltic, Riga (Latvia)

Remote installation – no problem with DocuWare

The DocuWare Partner took a systematic approach to implementation: after defining all requirements, they first created a configuration development as the basis for a pilot system, which was then put live after final approval. The data from the legacy system was also migrated during this process. A special feature was that the DocuWare partner based in Latvia carried out both installation and setup completely remotely: an on-site meeting only took place for the training of end users. Depending on the format, incoming documents are now either scanned or transferred directly to DocuWare in electronic form, for example when they are received as e-mail attachments. DocuWare automatically indexes standardized records, such as supplier invoices, based on the document content. In the case of incoming invoices, an approval workflow begins once the records are stored. The solution determines the correct workflow steps for each case and sends the invoices to the responsible department management, controlling and accounting. In the final step, DocuWare transfers the relevant invoice information to the iScala accounting system so that the appropriate data records can be booked there without double work for accountants. The workflow for other documents, such as supplier contracts, is similar, and even includes an electronic approval signature in some cases.

Automatic work steps = more efficiency

Today, all 50 Linstow Group employees work with DocuWare. The solution ensures that project documents are stored securely and quickly in the digital document pool and can be easily retrieved later. Likewise, project-relevant documents can be exported at the push of a button, along with the DocuWare search function, and handed over to external companies, for example, after the final completion of a construction project. Internal workflows and approval processes are now much easier to control, too. Where employees used to laboriously document cost allocations to different projects in Excel, invoice amounts are now split directly during the digital DocuWare workflow and transferred to the accounting system accordingly. This saves the company many manual steps and allows employees to work faster and more efficiently.

DocuWare is very active when it comes to further development of the software. New updates and features help us to continuously improve internal processes.

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