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Case Study: Education

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Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, recognized beyond Colombia's borders, has trained competent and creative professionals. National and international personalities with a wide influence in society are among their alumni. The University is committed to continuous innovation to ensure the highest quality of services. DocuWare was introduced as a document management system more than 20 years ago.

Founded in 1954 and named after the academic Jorge Tadeo Lozano, the private university has campuses in the cities of Cartagena, Santa Marta and a research center in the municipality of Chía, in addition to its main campus in Bogotá. It currently offers more than 90 undergraduate and postgraduate academic programs to more than 6,500 students.

The impetus for electronic archiving came in 1999. Initially, the university focused on consolidating its institutional archives, starting with its academic records. DocuWare was used to digitize a large portion of these documents, such as enrollment, admission and registration records, grades and transcripts, so that they could be accessed digitally. At a later stage, with the support of senior management, a further step was taken: whereas previously only internally generated documents had been digitized, the use of the system was expanded to include both internal and external processes, enabling records to be tracked from initial registration at the single correspondence window. In this way, DocuWare evolved from an electronic filing system to an integrated solution with advanced workflows.

Digital Signature (Certicámara) |self-developed software

For an institution like ours, the quality of student education is a top priority. With DocuWare, we improve our internal processes, and thus offer students a high-quality service. This is in line with our motto: We make service an experience for you!

César Santos
University Services Coordinator, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá

Integrate with other applications to streamline processes

Over the decades, the university has digitized more than 3.5 million pages. In addition to academic records, DocuWare manages documents from human resources, accounting, financial management, customer service and the legal department. Some of these documents are as old as the university itself. All processes, as well as internal and external correspondence, are managed using digital workflows. For this purpose, DocuWare was not only connected to existing IT applications, but also integrated into an electronic signature system approved in Colombia. DocuWare monitors documents as they enter the various workflows, indexes them and stores them in a central repository. More than 800 users interact with the solution on a daily basis. The university now manages most of its administrative processes digitally.

Saving 20 tons of paper

The benefits of using a document management system are clear to all involved. The university recently produced a report on the subject that provides an overview of the overall benefits and positive effects of digital archiving in everyday university life. Thanks to DocuWare, documents from the various locations are centrally available and integrated with other IT systems.

Digital workflows help to process tasks quickly. All processes are secure and easy to control thanks to integrated signatures and a comprehensive permissions system for viewing and managing. Over the years, the university has saved more than 20 tons of paper, contributed to a more sustainable use of resources, and freed up more than 300 square meters of filing space, now used for academic training, among other things.

With DocuWare, we have achieved one of our most important sustainability goals: reducing the use of paper in university administration.

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