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Case Study: Manufacturing

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Hydratech Industries from Singapore relies on professional document management for its core administration. Their digital archive provides speedy access to all documents, helping with versioning and the release of important documents along the way.

Hydratech Industries specializes in high-pressure solutions used in a wide variety of industries, including oil and gas, defense, aerospace and energy. The company develops, manufactures and implements industrial systems throughout Southeast Asia. A professional document management system helps keep order across their various departments.

In the past, files were stored in a simple folder structure on the server. Over the years, countless documents accumulated, especially from R&D, Quality Assurance and Sales, including production documents, technical drawings, email, and contracts – in both English and Chinese. Since each project group organized its own filing system, folder structures and access rights were very different. But even employees from the same department often did not know where to find important documents or which version was the most current. Long search times were the order of the day. When documents had to be released by superiors, large amounts of data had to be sent back and forth by email. Conversely, team members often only learned about new documents late on.

Research & Development |Sales |Quality Assurance

Thanks to DocuWare, all documents are now available around the clock, which helps us complete our projects much faster. The DMS has helped us to clearly stand out from our competitors in terms of productivity and customer service.

Management Team
Hydratech Industries, Singapore (Singapore)

When it became clear that the situation was no longer sustainable, the company looked for alternatives for its document management needs. In addition to ease of use and scalability, key selection criteria included a multilingual user interface and on-site support in Singapore. Hydratech Industries became aware of DocuWare through various references and ultimately chose DocuWare.

Integrated Version Management

The first requirement was to easily transfer of several hundred gigabytes of data from their old folder structure to DocuWare. Thanks to its seamless integration into Windows Explorer, this task was solved simply by drag & drop. The installation Partner created DocuWare file cabinets with index fields that corresponded to the original folder hierarchies. Folders were then transferred with a simple click of the mouse: DocuWare automatically indexed the files it contained without any manual intervention.

Today, around ten employees work with the system every day, and the DocuWare rights system controls all access profiles. Using various index terms, documents can be opened from their archive with just a few mouse clicks. The integrated version management is just as simple: If an engineer revises a production plan, for example, the document is first checked out for editing. After completion and check-in, DocuWare automatically forwards the new plan to a project manager for approval. This means that the complete history can always be called up; for example, to determine which changes were made by which colleague at what time. For important version changes, DocuWare even notifies the entire project team by email.

More Power Thanks to Digital DMS

With its purely web-based interface, any authorized colleague can access the central document pool from anywhere and at any time. At Hydratech Industries, this is particularly beneficial for the sales team, which travels a lot and can now access important customer documents while on the move: inquiries can be answered quickly and the company has been able to significantly increase its sales productivity.

DocuWare‘s influence becomes particularly clear in how the company has been working together. Fewer errors occur because employees are always using the latest document version. Quick approval processes are guaranteed, allowing the Asian high-pressure specialist to complete projects more quickly overall. Thanks to electronic document management, the company's competitive edge has been significantly sharpened.

We needed to transfer several hundred gigabytes of data from our old folder structure to DocuWare without much effort. DocuWare made it easy to solve this problem.

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