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Case Study: Service Provider

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Italian consulting firm Gastaldi International specializes in claims management for insurance and reinsurance companies. A cloud-based DMS guarantees secure management of sensitive documents and processes.

With a history dating back over a century, Italy-based Gastaldi Group's range of services is broad – from logistics to tourism to real estate management. For internal process and document management, the Gastaldi International consulting company relies on a modern document management system (DMS).

 Custom solutions for specific customer needs are always in the foreground at Gastaldi. Within the group, Gastaldi International specializes in claims management consulting. Approximately 30 employees serve the specific needs of insurance companies and reinsurers in the transportation and shipping sectors at its Genoa, Naples and Milan offices. 

Cloud-based DMS accelerates digital transformation
All consulting services are based on information that their employees collect and process on site at a customer's premises. Gastaldi International already relied on the support of digital document management in the past. However, their old system did not cover all of their functional and organizational requirements. With the onset of the Corona pandemic, the inadequacies became clear: the consulting firm suddenly faced new challenges in terms of document access from any location, such as a home office. The company therefore quickly decided to replace their aging system with a more modern solution. The new solution had to be easy to use so that they could manage both documents and processes flexibly from a distance, while at the same time maintaining a high level of information security. The cloud-based DocuWare solution was able to prevail over all other products during their decision-making phase, primarily due to its simplicity and comprehensive range of features.

Service Provider
Customer Support

We don‘t miss the old days of paper-based processes. In fact, we're always getting suggestions from employees about how we can digitize our workflows even further. Thanks to DocuWare, tasks in our organization are completed more quickly and efficiently.

William Fielding
Managing Director, Gastaldi International, Genoa (Italy)

Efficient processes through less paperwork

DocuWare is now directly integrated with the company's claims database. All the information on which Gastaldi International's business is based is stored in the electronic archive. A sophisticated rights system ensures that sensitive customer data can only be accessed by authorized users. The DocuWare solution also controls a large number of document-based workflows within the company, such as interdepartmental approval processes. This new and innovative digital way of working led to significantly improved process efficiency at the consulting firm in a very short time. Since mundane paperwork is much easier to complete digitally, process specifications are met with far less effort, which also improves the company's information security.

DocuWare handles all maintenance with cloud platform

Overall, Gastaldi International is very satisfied with the first cloud-based software solution in its corporate IT portfolio. A big advantage: no additional resources are tapped to operate it because all administration, updating and maintenance of the cloud platform is handled directly by DocuWare. In the mid-term, the consulting firm would also like to use the digital document pool as a central repository for all accounting and administrative documents. The goal is to keep on increasing business efficiency and reducing internal costs; for example, by reducing the footprint of its paper archive. 

DocuWare Cloud is easy and intuitive to use - a big reason why it's so popular with our employees.

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