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Case Study: Transportation / Logistics

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ETC Holland Solutions is a logistics service provider specializing in the transport of bulk materials such as polymers, PVC, animal feed or minerals. To go from factory to destination, the company uses more than 100 trailers as well as special storage areas, enabling an average of 350 trips per week. Orders, invoices and shipping documents are managed with DocuWare Cloud.

Before the introduction of their document management system, the logistics company processed all their documents manually: orders received by email were printed out and forwarded to the responsible clerks and archived together with other shipping documents – all in all, a very time-consuming process with a lot of administrative effort. To help free up more resources for core tasks, ETC began looking for a digital solution. They wanted to make sure all of their orders, incoming invoices and transport documents were quickly processed and automatically stored. Some records also needed to be visible to drivers and customers. And access to documents during audits and tax audits needed to be simplified.

Central Document Pool

The choice fell on the professional document management system DocuWare, which was then connected to an existing specialized transport software, Ixolution. DocuWare acts as a central digital archive in which all documents can be stored, edited and distributed. The filing of documents is largely fully automated.

Centrally received orders are scanned, read out by DocuWare and stored in the central electronic document pool with corresponding tags. But individual documents can also be stored, quickly and easily. To scan bills of lading, the company's drivers were equipped with tablets. All they need to do is snap a photo and the corresponding document is captured, indexed and transferred into the system.

Colleagues at the main office can then immediately view and further process the electronic documents. Since the individual orders and freight documents sometimes have to be retained for several years, depending on requirements, DocuWare also takes manages long-term archiving.

Transportation / Logistics
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We wasted a lot of time on basic administrative tasks and couldn’t focus that energy on more important tasks until the DMS was introduced. With DocuWare, we are rapidly accelerating our business processes and increasing efficiency in all areas of the company.

Coen van Dinther
Finance Controller, ETC Holland, Oss

Enormous time savings

Unlike in the past, when countless file folders were used for filing and searching, ETC Holland now saves an enormous amount of time with automated document filing and simple search queries. Thanks to the complete indexing of all receipts, employees can call up individual receipts on their screens in a matter of seconds, even years later. Easy access to the documents not only benefits the review processes, but also helps the company make its own business processes more efficient and much faster.

Continuous development

Since the introduction of DMS, ETC Holland has been further refining their processes with the help of their DocuWare Partner. For example, a connection to Salesforce that is fully tailored to key administrative workflows is currently being implemented. DocuWare synchronizes the data records with the CRM system, which is also Cloud-based to improve customer interaction with marketing, sales and customer service. The processing of bills of lading is another area that they are seeking to improve. The flexibility of the DMS has helped ETC create a tailor-made solution that fits all of their business processes.

Today, we can quickly enter 50 orders into the system at once. In the past, it took an employee a whole day to do this. This alone saves us around 40 hours per week.

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