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Case Study: Transportation / Logistics

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Contract Vehicles manages fleets of over 12,000 vehicles for well-known customers from Great Britain and Ireland. Thanks to digital document management, the volume of paper has drastically been reduced and processes made faster, more transparent and more customer-friendly

Growth requires innovation – this is also true at Contract Vehicles Limited (CVL), a leading British service provider in fleet management. Reflecting their successful business development and growing fleet of vehicles, the number of incoming A/P invoices to be processed tripled to around 100,000 within a few years. At the same time, the number of operational documents, such as inspection reports or technical operating documents issued by the transport authority, grew sharply. The enormous flood of paper could no longer be tamed, not even by increasing the number of staff. Central business processes were therefore put to the test. The result: the use of a document management system was indispensable for maintaining the company's own performance and quality standards.

During their search for a tailor-made solution, various systems were scrutinized. The requirement profile was based on four main points: The DMS had to merge a wide variety of document types and formats; enable fast searching and processing; allow rights-based access via the Internet (for example, for customers); and guarantee all legal requirements at a high level of security. In addition to functionality and flexibility, simple integration into the existing IT landscape was an important evaluation factor. After DocuWare fulfilled all the requirements and confirmed its first impressions with an extensive practical test, the decision was made for DocuWare.

United Kingdom
Transportation / Logistics
Finance |IT Operations |Administration

With DocuWare, we have succeeded in replacing error-prone, paper-based workflows with automated digital processes. Employees and customers alike benefit from the solution, both in the form of higher efficiency and an improved service level.

Geoff Swaby
IT Manager, Contract Vehicles Limited (CVL), Leeds, West Yorkshire (UK)

Digital document access from anywhere

The implementation began for orders and the electronic processing of incoming A/P invoices. For this purpose, invoices are either imported from Microsoft Outlook or paper documents are batch digitized using a powerful document scanner. In both cases, DocuWare automatically classifies all documents and transfers the relevant key data into the commercial system used internally. Using different workflows, the digitized documents are sent to the responsible department heads for checking and approving payment. The solution monitors all work steps, so the processing status can always be traced. They prevent exceeding discount periods, since each staffer in the chain receives automatic reminder notifications.

The successful processing of incoming invoices prompted CVL to further expand the use of the solution. A complete file archive with around 80,000 technical operating and maintenance documents was digitized and integrated into the organizational structure. A web-based portal solution was also implemented, through which customers of the company can independently call up and view all technical documents of their own vehicle fleet - provided they have the necessary access authorization. Data security and integrity are enhanced by DocuWare.

Higher productivity

As part of the largest operational expansion in the company's 20-year history, DocuWare made a significant contribution to further improving service levels. At the same time, DocuWare's own employees benefit from the use of the DMS, as they no longer have to leave their workstations to search for and view support documents. This has significantly increased work productivity and reduced processing cycles while increasing transparency. In addition, expensive office space, which in the past served to house paper archives, is now being put to much better use.


CVL is a customer of DocTech, an Authorised DocuWare Partner in the United Kingdom.

DocuWare impressively demonstrated its advantages through an extensive practical test: the DMS handles all documents quickly and transparently and allows for an easy transition from existing processes without disrupting ongoing business operations.

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