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Case Study: Service Provider

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At the companies of CCP Management Holding, digital personnel files and workflows ensure that customers and employees of the personnel services provider can rely on fast and correct accounting of work time.

The companies of Hamburg-based CCP specialize in temporary employment, personnel placement and consulting. The service provider employs around 500 people at 10 locations throughout Germany. DocuWare Cloud is used to optimize and make transparent the complex accounting process involved in hiring employees.

Founded in 2016, CCP emerged from a group of companies with nationwide locations. Prior to the introduction of the DMS, all personnel documents - including activity reports and accounts for the temporary employment agencies - were archived there in paper form and stored in files and cabinets. Because of the legal retention period of ten years, additional storage rooms had to be rented. They were filled with tons of paper that were inconsistently filed – so it wasn’t very easy to find documents when you needed them. The plan was to set up a common accounting center for all branches – so it made sense to transition to a document management system. The aim was to ensure that the branches no longer needed to send out documents by post, but scan them on site and archive them in a central document pool. Why did they choose a cloud-based solution? First and foremost, it was the price/performance ratio and then it was the expertise of the DocuWare Partner that convinced them.

Service Provider

The introduction of the DMS has driven process optimization in our central personnel and financial accounting departments. This enables us to offer even better customer service. Thanks to automatic indexing, documents are immediately assigned to the correct file when they are filed. Errors are now ruled out.

Eike Klinck
IT Application Manager, CCP GmbH, Hamburg (Germany)

Optimized processes with reduced costs

At CCP, the DMS now enables more productive work in the branch offices and the billing center. All personnel documents - from the signed employment contract of an employee to bank account records - are scanned, automatically indexed by a document recognition system and are then available in an employee’s individual digital personnel file - for authorized access only. Today, around 65 employees use the system, most of them in the branches and 15 in the Hamburg headquarters. Around 7,000 personnel documents are archived and processed every month. DocuWare is linked via an interface to their LANDWEHR L1 software for personnel service managers, which is offered exclusively by their DocuWare Partner. Clicking a button opens the digital personnel file and employees have immediate access to all necessary documents, right from their familiar working environment.

A workflow for recording hours ensures a fast and transparent workflow. Since CCP employees work different numbers of hours per month on behalf of customers, depending on the temporary employment contract, hours must be billed very individually. Each employee submits his or her activity records to the responsible personnel department on a weekly basis. These are scanned there and automatically stored in the central document pool. This starts the workflow. The activity records appear in the task list of the responsible employee of the central payroll center, who assigns them to the corresponding temporary employment contract and enters the time recording in L1. The workflow ends with the completion of a time recording. Sickness notifications or temporary leave records are also processed, which are scanned immediately upon receipt and automatically processed in the workflow, so that all absences are entered and archived. Once the weekly hours have been completely recorded, a further workflow for invoicing starts. The invoice is generated in L1, archived in DocuWare and automatically merged with the activity report. Both documents are either printed out and sent to the customer by post or sent by mouse click as an email. The invoice and all associated time sheets are thus quickly available to the customer. The workflow for payroll accounting for employees is similarly regulated. This starts as soon as all activity statements for a month have been saved in the system. At the end, the payroll from L1 is sorted into the digital record.

A further workflow is started as soon as a new employee is hired and his or her data is entered in the personnel master record. From the creation of the employment contract to the archiving of all documents in the digital personnel file, all tasks are assigned to the responsible employees.

A workflow for checking incoming invoices will be the next step at CCP.

Tamper-proof archiving was an important factor in our DMS selection. With DocuWare, we could ensure compliance with today‘s legal framework."

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