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Case Study: Auto Dealership

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The Car Avenue group was founded in 1920 and comprises of about 130 official dealers for the motor vehicle trade in Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland. The 2,500 employees most recently generated a total annual turnover of around 1.8 billion euros. The seven car dealers in Belgium have been working with DocuWare Cloud since 2021.

The reason behind the search for a powerful document management system (DMS) was to find a way to simplify the complicated processing of incoming invoices in the Belgian branches. Because franchisees are separate legal entities, the approval process was different at each location. For example, some dealers approved invoices simply by mailing them to the accounting department, while for others they were each individually signed manually in a paper-based approval process. In each case, regardless of the procedure used, those involved in the process had to wait for the physical receipts to arrive first, which slowed down the workflow significantly. Since Car Avenue wanted to digitize other company processes in addition to invoice approval, they first analyzed a large number of potential solutions during the DMS selection and then focused on three providers. In the end, DocuWare was selected. The decisive factors were the flexibility and simplicity of the system, its ability to meet all requirements, and the way that the software could easily be used in the future in Luxembourg and France.

Auto Dealership
Accounting |Human Resources

Thanks to the automation and optimization of the document flow, we now work faster and more cost-efficiently. With the help of the digital approval processes, for example, we discovered that certain cost items that used to be approved blindly no longer need to be done that way.

Eric Vaessen, Head of Finance and Administration / Robin Devresse, Controller and Project Manager
Car Avenue

Better control in invoice approval

With DocuWare's automatic document archiving, the company now saves valuable work time. Once documents have been scanned, they can be retrieved instantly from any location after entering a few search terms, without employees having to ask the accounting department or search through paper files. At the same time, Car Avenue has significantly more control over invoice approval, as well as a clear overview of the costs to be expected in each time period. With the help of the new, optimized DocuWare workflow, the four-eyes principle is now used during approval – this was previously not possible due to the complicated paper-based process. The company particularly emphasizes the simplicity and flexibility of the software. For example, employees can also approve invoices assigned to them via smartphone, no matter where they are. At the same time, DocuWare is integrated into the IT administration software “Carya”, further simplifying its use.

Standardized onboarding

Following its successful deployment in accounting, Car Avenue now wants to use DocuWare in human resources management, particularly for onboarding. The various processes involved in integrating new employees will be digitized and automated such as access to the various IT systems or the provision of information and materials for the new hire. Instead of working with cumbersome Excel spreadsheets, team and branch managers will receive alerts about the individual onboarding tasks via DocuWare in the future. At the same time, the HR department can easily track how the on-boarding of a new employee is progressing.

We are not only very satisfied with our new DMS, but also with the work of our DocuWare partner. Their employees are perfectly trained and technically extremely competent.

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