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Case Study: Manufacturing

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Bombardó sells fine fabrics to designers and studios all over the world. Cloud-based document management supports this Spanish textile specialist in all areas of the company.

Josep Bombardó is part of the third generation of his family to run the textile company of the same name. In 1943, his grandfather founded the company in Sabadell, in the Catalonia region of Spain. The company has remained true to its headquarters, but the business has evolved in recent decades: Today the company is a sought-after sales specialist and distributor for fine fabrics, which are sold to designers, tailors and studios all over the world. Their 20 employees are supported by cloud-based document management, which is constantly being used for new applications.

This family business has been using electronic document archiving for some time. Business documents were digitized at an early stage. But they quickly encountered the typical problems associated with simply using Windows folders, especially when collaborating on documents or while assigning editing rights. Stricter data protection regulations eventually led management to look for more professional solutions. Above all, the lack of security in the storage of personnel documents – at that time still in paper form – was a thorn in the side of management.

Sage Logic Control

DocuWare was originally intended solely as an electronic file cabinet system so that we could be compliant with all legal data protection regulations. Gradually, countless other applications revealed themselves to us, which today save us a great deal of time and money.

Josep Bombardó
Director of Finance, Bombardó, Sabadell (Spain)

They learned about DocuWare through a mailing and from an independent recommendation from the company that provides IT support to Bombardó. In the following meeting with their local Authorized DocuWare Partner (ADP), it quickly became clear that the solution could do much more than just store documents digitally. Rather, it could make it possible to significantly optimize previously manual and time-consuming work processes. Just a few days after the initial presentation, the decision was made in favor of DocuWare Cloud – its full range of functions gave them a quick start without lengthy preparations or training.

Step by step – into company-wide deployment

Despite their enthusiasm, the company still opted for a phased-in implementation and initially started by setting up a digital purchasing file cabinet. Shortly thereafter, an automated workflow for the authorization of incoming invoices was added. After scanning, DocuWare automatically reads all index terms from the invoices, takes over the filing, and distributes the documents to various employees. Employees can then use digital stamps to show a document’s processing status right on a document. Other applications soon followed.

Today, other accounting documents – such as bank or payment receipts – are also stored in DocuWare. In addition to individual employee folders, the Personnel HR file cabinet now contains pay slips. Thanks to integrated notifications, pay slips are distributed to employees via email. Statements can be retrieved at any time from the document pool – naturally in compliance with all data protection regulations. Finally, their sales file cabinet contains all customer-relevant documents, such as orders or outgoing invoices. This file cabinet is also linked to the ERP system Sage Logic Control. Documents created in Sage are automatically stored in the cloud archive and sent directly to the customer. Conversely, DocuWare accesses the Sage database when storing incoming documents and then indexes them correctly using the corresponding customer and order data. 

Efficient work in the office and at home

Security and time savings are the most important benefits of using DocuWare for this family business. For example, they can always comply with legal regulations or quickly search for documents – even from a home office or when working on the road. The solution also helps everyone stay organized. Thanks to digital workflows, employees stay on task. The solution simply guides them through critical processes for a huge boost in efficiency.

After we had set up a digital workflow for approving incoming invoices, I realized that we could do much more with this solution. DocuWare is so much more than a digital file cabinet.

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