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Case Study: Real Estate

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Particularly in times of crisis, companies must remain stay nimble. A document management system (DMS) accelerates work processes at BAE Management and prepared the real estate specialist for the challenges of the COVID 19 pandemic.

BAE Management is responsible for the development and construction of future-oriented real estate projects in Berlin and Munich. The company scores points with its business partners thanks to its many years of experience in the real estate industry and finding creative solutions. To be able to concentrate fully on its core business, the company depends on IT systems from the Cloud, such as the DocuWare document management system (DMS).

When BAE Management was founded in 2017, their management team already planned on working with a DMS. They wanted to avoid using paper as much as possible. The goal was to store all documents - from incoming invoices to project and personnel documents to contracts - quickly and in a well-structured manner, to have everything available online immediately and effectively complete daily tasks. Since the company did not want to spend time backing up its own data, it focused on Cloud providers when selecting a solution. When searching for the right software, they quickly came across DocuWare on the Internet. Thanks to the detailed information provided, the employees were able to work with the trial version after just one hour. So the decision was made quickly. There was no need to purchase additional hardware to get started.

Real Estate
COOR (property development)

The DMS has become an essential part of our work. DocuWare is easy to use and reliable. Just two days after the Cloud solution was activated, we started using it productively.

Bernhard Groth
Managing Director, BAE Management, Berlin (Germany)

Diverse application possibilities

Since then, the real estate project developer’s documents are all archived in a central document pool. Automatic indexing makes filing fast and easy. At the same time, various workflows make administrative work much more efficient. During invoice verification, all incoming invoices – regardless of their format – are automatically indexed, stored in the digital archive and then distributed to the task lists of the individual employees. These employees can then split the invoices into partial amounts and release them with a digital stamp upon verification. Other important application areas arose during the Corona crisis. For example, participants of an event organized by BAE Management could be registered quickly and securely with the solution. By scanning a QR code, visitors accessed a participation form on the Web with their smartphones, which was created with little effort using DocuWare. After filling out the form, the data was stored in the document pool and, in accordance with all data protection regulations, was automatically deleted after 15 days.  An interface to their COOR property development software is planned for the coming months to easily store all correspondence with apartment buyers, just as an example. Their use of DocuWare in the company continues to grow, which is particularly easy with the Cloud option. In addition to the four employees who generally work with the system, nine external parties, such as tax consultants and bankers, also have limited access and can work seamlessly with the solution.

User-friendly, no need for support hotline

Thanks to DocuWare, BAE Management has all administrative tasks perfectly under control. No more unchecked signature folders waiting on desks for processing. Thanks to convenient full text search, all important documents, whether invoices or personnel records, are always at hand. Depending on access authorization, several employees and even third parties can access documents, which saves the company from having to send out extensive project documents. At the same time, the high user-friendliness of the software and the easy-to-understand documentation of the Cloud solution are highly valued. BAE Management employees have rarely had to call the support hotline.

When home offices were suddenly the order of the day for everyone during the Corona lockdown, other companies first had to go offline and sort out their IT problems. Our employees, on the other hand, were able to work from home immediately without any problems.

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