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Case Study: Healthcare

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With more than 9,800 employees the Armonea Group manages 132 facilities and cares for over 15,000 seniors. DocuWare automates much of its invoice processing, freeing up important resources for other tasks.

Armonea has existed since 2008, but boasts a much longer company history. The two Belgian family businesses from which Armonea emerged were founded in 1979. The company has remained true to its corporate mission: to help seniors enjoy their lives in the way that suits them best. To this end, the more than 9,800 employees in the areas of care, entertainment, cleaning, kitchen and administration give their best every day. Since 2016, the Armonea Group has also been active in Germany and Spain.

Before the DocuWare implementation, the administration spent a lot of time posting non-standardized incoming invoices, these are invoices that did not originate from the few main suppliers of the Armonea Group. Employees manually entered the invoice data and then transferred it to the accounting system Agresso (now Unit4 ERP). The DocuWare Partner, who had been providing Armonea with printing solutions for many years, recognized the problem and suggested DocuWare as a solution.

Agresso (now Unit ERP)

DocuWare is intuitive and logically structured. In addition, the solution offers many onboarding aids for new users, such as an interactive tour or digital trainings. This made it easy to implement even in the middle of the pandemic.

Nadia Zariouh
Accounts Payable Team Leader, Armonea

Improved capture with each additional invoice

Implementation in the middle of the pandemic was straightforward – users immediately understood how to use the tool most effectively. Today, DocuWare handles the processing of all non-standard invoices. The documents received by e-mail are simply forwarded to the DocuWare platform, where various information is then read, such as the supplier name, the invoice date, the amount or the payment deadline. If an invoice is not completely recognized, the document ends up in a control list. From there, missing data can be added manually. The more Armonea uses the DocuWare platform, the more accurate the document recognition. After a certain amount of time, DocuWare can even recognize and digitally process unusual invoice formats automatically without manual intervention. Once all the accounting information has been read, documents are stored in the electronic document pool.

Smooth communication with accounting software

A major plus of the solution is its seamless integration with the Agresso accounting system used at Armonea. After archiving, DocuWare transfers the information that has been read and is relevant for accounting to Agresso, where it is then prepared for posting. For the employees, this means above all an enormous time saving. Because the system automatically recognizes incoming invoices by e-mail, users only have to check that everything has been read out correctly. The posting of all receipts in Agresso is only a few mouse clicks away.

Thanks to DocuWare, we save several minutes per document when processing our incoming invoices, which is many hours per week. The solution was a real time-saver for us.

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