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At Agrar-Markt Deppe, introducing a cloud-based document management system bore immediate fruit. Since then, invoice approvals, order processing and personnel management have been faster, more transparent and more secure for this knowledgeable agricultural machinery specialist.

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand for family business Agrar-Markt Deppe: 100 years after its founding, the company, which specializes in agriculture, forestry and gardening, has become one of the leading agricultural machinery dealers in Central Germany, with 140 employees and nine locations. Their recipe for success includes close customer proximity and a lean organization. This also includes a cloud-based document management system.

In the past, filing 1,800 incoming A/P invoices and 3,000 outgoing A/R invoices per month was extremely cumbersome and time-consuming. Since documents were filed at various locations, they were repeatedly retrieved, copied and sent between offices - for example, documents that might be needed at both the company headquarters or in a regional office. In order to guarantee tamper-free archiving and to standardize their work processes across all locations, it was decided to introduce a DMS. The smooth connection of the branches to the central digital archive was a key driver for choosing DocuWare, along with its interface to the company's ERP software. Together with their DocuWare Partner, the first step was to analyze the workflows in the individual locations and to harmonize the processes. They then began archiving incoming invoices and delivery slips, but quickly continued to expand their use of the DMS. Today, DocuWare is integrated with their ERP solution AMS Arista. With just one mouse click, outgoing invoices, for example, can be stored in a tamper-proof manner.

Retail / Wholesale
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The flow of information in our company has been significantly improved. For example, employees can now access documents while on the road to issue approvals within a workflow. Standardizing our work processes through the DMS has helped us to become faster and simply better overall.

Marcel Deppe
General Manager/Proxy, Agrar-Markt Deppe in Bad Lauterberg, Barbis (Germany)

Digital file cabinets and workflows designed to grow

A series of new workflows at Agrar-Markt Deppe ensures optimized processes. A workflow for checking incoming invoices was first set up. This starts as soon as an invoice is scanned, automatically indexed and archived in DocuWare. The document is then immediately forwarded to the responsible department, where it is checked and then posted and paid for in the Accounting Department. A second, very comprehensive workflow was set up for order processing, which now runs uniformly at all locations. As soon as the outside sales team receives an order, it is scanned and stored in DocuWare via a link. The order is then sent systematically goes through the task lists of various departments, for example, sales management and order processing or the warehouse.

The automated process also controls all downstream tasks, such as approving incoming orders or creating ancillary order documents, such as order confirmation, delivery slips or invoices. The workflow ensures that all processes are transparent and precisely documented. Sales managers and order processing can get a quick overview of the status at any time. An additional workflow in the personnel department also ensures equally fast and smooth processes. For example, employees can apply for a vacation leave using an online form. Automatically forwarded to superiors and the personnel department, it can quickly be approved and then archived.

DMS guarantees precise access to information

Employees at Agrar-Markt Deppe no longer want to work without the DMS. Not only does it provide fast and tamper-proof filing, it saves employees truly valuable time. Employees are no longer occupied with searching for documents (sometimes for hours!). This means they also have more time for more mission-critical tasks, particularly in financial administration and sales. Both at their headquarters and in all regional locations, every authorized person can now quickly access the information they need - immediate and precise information that they need to respond to their customer’s requests.

DocuWare Cloud was the most cost-effective option for us while offering a high level of performance. We didn't have to buy a new server or invest in any other technical preparations. It also lets us immediately benefit from the latest developments and updates.

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