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Case Study: Service Provider

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Building on the already successful DocuWare experience, health and wellness company 10 Fitness introduces more digital innovations, implementing new features and improving its customer service.

With its 178 employees, the company serves over 57,000 members, who regularly submit requests for various membership modifications, and personal updates. As the company grew, so did the need for more streamlined and easy documentation process for its customers.

A small, privately owned company, 10 Fitness is an affordable health and wellness gym with 12 locations in Arkansas, and one in Springfield, Missouri.

A pressing need to streamline customer communications and a positive DocuWare experience spurs more innovation

10 Fitness had originally purchased and installed DocuWare to process internal employee documents for the Human Resources Department. After successfully digitizing over 1,500 scanned documents, the company began looking for other places to innovate with DocuWare. “We originally installed DocuWare to handle our internal HR documents for our employees,” says Brent Adams, Call Center Manager. “That worked well for us so after we digitized all those files, we began to find other ways to utilize DocuWare.”

Building on its positive experience, 10 Fitness identified the next innovation target—membership communications. When a customer needed changes to their membership, they had to physically appear at their gym to enter a request. Processing membership modifications in that manner was cumbersome, inefficient and difficult to track. “Our members had to use a lot of separate forms,” Adams explains. “We wanted a different workflow to handle our members’ requests.”

DocuWare forms work seamlessly

When the company learned about the DocuWare forms feature they moved to implement it to eliminate paper use. Building and implementing the new digital customer system was straightforward and easy. “Implementing the forms feature was a natural move for us. It was very easy,” states Adams. Training our personnel to use the new digital process was straightforward, he adds. 10 Fitness organized a meeting and educated the staffers on how to process requests using DocuWare. 


Service Provider

Digitizing our internal HR documents worked well for us, so we began to find other ways to utilize DocuWare. Implementing the forms feature was a natural move. We wanted to improve our customer service and we did it.

Brent Adams
Director of Corporate Benefits

New DocuWare features result in better customer service 

Instead of accepting membership modification requests on site, 10 Fitness now uses digital forms that are sent to customers’ mobile phones or emailed as links.  When members fill out the digital blueprints, the forms are emailed to the call center to be executed by staff. The new process has a significantly smaller footprint and speeds up processing for members while saving staffers work time. Automating the workflow also allows tracking requests’ progress digitally—Adams can pull up requests on his screen and see whether they have been completed or still pending.  “I can see with my own eyes what’s happening in real time. It’s huge,” he says. Digitizing the process also saved staffers time. “It saved us several hours compared to what we were doing before.” More importantly, it greatly improved customer service. “We wanted to create a better customer experience and we did it with DocuWare,” Adams says. “It’s part of our everyday business now.”




We wanted to create a better customer experience and we did it with DocuWare. It’s part of our everyday business now.

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