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DocuWare Offers Screening eForm for Businesses Entering COVID-19 Return to Work Phase

eForm provides contactless and compliant visitor and employee check-in/check-out

New Windsor NY, August 4, 2020 – DocuWare, provider of cloud solutions for document management and workflow automation, announces a new eform and workflow to support US businesses in the COVID-19 return to work phase.

DocuWare’s COVID-19 screening eform was first developed for internal use as a contactless and easy process to screen employees returning to work at the company’s New York headquarters. DocuWare now offers this safe, time and labor-saving option to every DocuWare customer. Each eform can be customized and configured to any new or existing system and according to each company’s preferred screening process. It ensures compliance with Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines that advises all business to implement and update as necessary a plan that “is specific to your workplace.”

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Screening of employees and visitors prior to granting access to any place of work is now mandatory in most states and an automated contactless workflow is the cost-efficient way to do it. The eform follows a simple, secure workflow to check-in and check-out employees or visitors. The whole process takes just minutes and to begin they simply use the camera on their mobile phone to scan the appropriate QR code posted outside the workplace.

The eform automatically downloads to their mobile device with the specific questions for that business. Once all questions have been answered, based on the responses submitted, the employee or visitor will immediately receive a message that admission to the building is granted or denied.

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If access is denied, the organization they were trying to enter is notified via a DocuWare generated email.

If admission to the building is granted, a separate workflow is activated and a pre-appointed person from within the organization is notified by email that someone has been admitted. DocuWare has also added an optional configuration to record a temperature check. If the business requires a manual, in-person temperature check, an additional workflow is created to notify the business that someone has been granted admission and is awaiting a temperature check. Once the temperature is taken and noted, the eform is stamped and the person can enter the main office area.

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DocuWare’s automated screening process enables an even faster check-out process. The employee or visitor scans the appropriate QR check-out code, inserts their name, clicks the submit button and are checked out immediately and can leave the building. Their check-out time and date are noted in the system. DocuWare safely archives information on who entered and exited the building, along with date, time, email contact and, if they were a visitor, who they visited.

To implement and configure a customizable COVID-19 screening eform and workflow for your workplace, please contact your Authorized DocuWare Partner or DocuWare’s Professional Services team.

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