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Which workflows does an invoice run through after it has been stored?

Once an invoice has been indexed and stored in the "Accounting" file cabinet, it will be processed by several workflows depending on settings and decisions made in the process.

IP - 1 Validation

This workflow interrogates the indexing of the invoice and validates it against pre-built criteria. If and exception is found, it is noted and identified to the Invoice Validator. The Validation Workflow is the initial process that all invoices must go through. It is designed to check the integrity of the data that was used to index the document. Following items can be checked:

    • Checks for a valid supplier in the vendor master file
    • Looks for potential duplicate vendor invoices
    • Determines if the date and invoice number are present
    • Identifies mathematic errors by ensuring invoice sub-total + tax + freight = gross amount
    • Validates the vendor master file expiration dates
    • Determines if early payment discounts apply

The workflow also determines if the invoice can be processed using one of the straight through approval methods QuickMatch or 3-Way Match. When the criteria are met, the invoice is considered “pre-approved” and moves directly to the completion process ("Book and Pay").

IP- 2 Assign Approvers (previous versions: Approvals)

This workflow picks up after the validation process when not using a straight through approval process. Based on the settings at implementation, the approver assignment can occur to a specific requestor or cost center(s) using a multilevel approval:  
No Approval
Invoices will go directly from review to the completion process.
Requestor Approval
Provides a process that assigns invoices to a selected user for approval. You can also provide an approval threshold dollar limit for the user or a set corporate dollar limit. (In the default setting all invoices are assigned to a secondary level approver since the corporate dollar limit is set to $0.00 and the user limits are not available.) Learn more  
Multi-level Approval
Provides a more sophisticated approval process that allows assigning invoices to a requestor and/or cost center(s). You can also provide an approval threshold to create a dollar limit for any user or set a corporate dollar limit. Learn more  
IP - 3 Rejected Invoice
This workflow processes an invoice in the event any of the assigned approvers reject an invoice.
IP - 4 Completion (previous versions: Book and Pay)
This workflow is the completion step. Assuming all necessary approvals have been made, this is where the transaction data from the GL Coding table is written and the Booking Record is created. If the implementation settings indicate no booking record is desired, then the invoice is marked as “Posted” and the process ends.

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