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Intelligent Indexing

What Is Intelligent Indexing?

Intelligent indexing is a computerized system that allows companies of all sizes to save time and resources by eliminating tedious document handling and data entry. By simply scanning paper documents, employees can allow DocuWare's intelligent indexing capabilities to digitally "read" the document and immediately identify, capture, and store the most important information within it. Additionally, the system uses highly intelligent machine learning technology and crowdsourcing to improve over time based on human feedback.

Perfect for companies interested in benefiting from the efficiency and freedom of paperless document systems, intelligent indexing makes information found within documents ⁠— such as invoices, forms, delivery slips, and contracts ⁠— instantly secure, archived, accessible, and digestible to employees based anywhere in the world.

Why Should You Use Intelligent Indexing?

Correctly processing, storing, and retrieving information from documents is an essential & necessary component of day-to-day operations. Incoming vendor invoices and contracts, employee contracts, tax documents, and legal paperwork are all documents that companies must manage, share, process, and store.

By incorporating intelligent indexing into a company's workflow, workers at all levels can experience immeasurable benefits. The ability of intelligent indexing to automatically capture data lets employees focus on growing the business and improving customer relations rather than being bogged down with tedious, manual data entry. Through intelligent indexing, employees can replace time previously spent manually inputting, organizing, and wading through documents and data with work that is actually beneficial to the company's growth.

With intelligent indexing, a business can:

  • Index data from incoming vendor invoices
  • Reduce the risk of human errors through typos or misplacing files
  • Customize data indexing to best reflect the company's culture and workflow
  • Reduce the time it takes to input and store information
  • Provide feedback to the indexing system so it learns and performs better over time
  • Pull reports based on automatically indexed data
  • Easily tailor indexing as the business grows or changes

How Does Intelligent Indexing Work?

Companies can easily set up intelligent indexing through DocuWare. It's automatically included with DocuWare's cloud license and can be added as a module to an on-premises system.

To get started with DocuWare's intelligent indexing system, employees can perform a quick configuration by creating an unlimited number of file cabinets and store dialogues designed to digitize a document's information. DocuWare's intelligent indexing system has the ability to scan and "read" the many file types that businesses encounter, so employees can simply upload electronic files or scan paper documents to be captured. Document types can include email attachments, PDFs or image files, faxes, XML text, and Word documents.

Once a document is ready for indexing, an employee can simply highlight information within it, and DocuWare will automatically copy that text and save it with the appropriate field so that employees can easily search for and view the data. Rather than requiring an employee to manually type a document's data into fields over and over, employees can simply use DocuWare's intelligent indexing system to copy and correctly file the data with the click of a mouse.

Through its machine learning technology and employee feedback, DocuWare is able to scan a document’s text on its own and automatically index the information it recognizes. Additionally, the machine learning technology remembers each document and indexing correction. Therefore, each new capture improves the tool’s speed, accuracy, and reliability. Unlike other document storage systems, DocuWare's intelligent indexing comprehends information within documents, enabling it to autonomously identify the most important pieces of data and place that data into predetermined index fields.

How to Make Intelligent Indexing Best Serve You

DocuWare's intelligent indexing comes with preset fields that accompany varying document types, so companies have an easy-to-follow template that they can immediately begin using or customize according to their unique needs, processes, and internal terminology. For example, in the case of processing incoming vendor invoices, companies can program DocuWare to follow their predetermined, preferred approval process based on data such as invoice amounts, vendor name, or vendor type. Additionally, vendor names, billing amounts, and addresses are all immediately saved and can be easily searched. From there, they can be used to create informative reports a company can use to analyze their business' efficiency and spending to identify patterns and areas for improvement.

Instead of copying or typing information included in documents such as invoices into digital software, employees can simply highlight the information they'd like DocuWare to capture and select the appropriate field for categorization. DocuWare will automatically copy that text and save it within the correct field so that employees can later search for and view the data easily. It will also automatically scan other documents to search for similar data that can also be indexed in that field.

With a simple, unique process, DocuWare's intelligent indexing flags the data it indexes with three distinct colors that indicate how confident it is of its accuracy. This color-coding method lets employees quickly review and correct the system's data capturing where necessary. Green indicates the system has correctly indexed the data, and yellow or red indicate they're in need of a quick review. Employees can quickly click on replacement fields, providing feedback that enables the system to quickly learn and improve.

Through these many paperless, intuitive benefits, intelligent indexing can immensely speed up and improve your company's workflow.

The DocuWare Advantage

DocuWare’s intelligent indexing tool continuously improves through employee feedback and the memory of its machine learning technology. When used with DocuWare’s cloud-based system, the tool is also able to securely and automatically learn and improve through advancements made around the world. This combined power of automatically available feedback and knowledge allows companies to experience continuous improvements to their digital workflows and document storage, data inputs, categorizations, and reporting.