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We are delighted that you want to brighten the day of a special someone 
and join us in doing something good for the planet.  
So, if you’d like to give away one of the 15,000 trees* that you earned by liking 
our Happy Holidays video, simply pick one of these cards, personalize it,
save it as PDF or JPG, attach it to an Email or message and send it to the
person you choose
. Don’t worry, we will not store any of your data,
and we will not use your name for marketing or sales activities.










 *This offer is limited to 15,000 trees. DocuWare will track the

number of likes the video receives through January 31, 2024 and

arrange for the planting of one tree for each like on behalf of the

DocuWare community until the limit is met. This offer does not constitute a claim

that a specific tree or species will be planted in a particular location or area.

Please note, that we are not able to report on the future development of the tree.






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