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Case Study: Retail / Wholesale

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To ensure legally compliant document management for their accounting, auto parts dealer Konrad introduced a preconfigured cloud solution. An integrated workflow optimizes the verification and approval of incoming A/P invoices.

Konrad GmbH operates eight motor vehicle specialist stores around greater Munich. From spare part sales to the equipping of repair shops as well as the renting of automotive equipment – Konrad offers a broad palette to its customers, even online. The company has a staff of approx. 160.

In a very innovative industry, automotive parts retailer Konrad has to be ready to face new trends and challenges every day. This applies not only to the range of spare parts and services offered to customers, but also to the organization and administration of the company. To optimize business processes, Konrad has been using a cloud-based document management system since the beginning of 2019 in addition to an Automotive-IT industry solution implemented on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.

The main purpose of investing in a DMS was to ensure that the company could meet the rigorous legal requirements for retention periods and unaltered commercial documents. Managing Director Dino Konrad, on the advice of a partnering system house, decided in favor of DocuWare's preconfigured cloud-based solution for invoice processing. He notes that they were able to immediately begin storing receipts. And their previous DATEV archive was successfully replaced.

Retail / Wholesale
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DocuWare gives us tamper-proof archiving of commercial documents and quick access to the documents we need right now – all supported by Intelligent Indexing. The addition of preconfigured workflows elevates this software program into an innovative DMS platform.

Dino Konrad
Managing Director, Konrad, Geretsried (Germany)

DocuWare is directly connected to the auto parts dealer's ERP system via an integrated interface. All commercial documents created there are transferred, automatically indexed, and stored in a tamper-free manner. Account assignment and invoice information is transferred to the accounting department for further processing. All authorized employees can now access the documents in the central document pool from their familiar working environment.

A preconfigured workflow was also implemented for fast and reliable verification of all incoming invoices. 90 percent of the approximately 28,000 invoices received each year already arrive in the company in electronic form. These are automatically retrieved from the Microsoft Exchange Server, indexed and stored in DocuWare in an audit-ready manner. Paper invoices are scanned, indexed with Intelligent Indexing and also archived. This is where the workflow begins. Invoices are assigned to specific accounts in the accounting department and then they appear in the task list of the specific department or cost center manager who will then approve them. The advantage is that the verification/approval process is carried out promptly and invoices are never lost along the way.

Since Dino Konrad is often on the road, he particularly likes the fact that he can call up and authorize the documents for processing not only on with his PC, but also via iPad or smartphone. In addition to the simple storage of commercial documents, Dino Konrad particularly appreciates the rapid access to documents. Thanks to integrated full text search capability, a few clicks are all it takes, for example, to search for the current price of refrigerant in the invoices. Employees use this function very frequently, and in general they are doing very well with the workflows. However, the document management system also has a number of other, currently untapped benefits for his company, according to Dino Konrad: they are therefore planning to expand DocuWare, step by step, in the near future.

The archiving of our invoice documents worked from day one. The DATEV system we previously had was seamlessly replaced."

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