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Are there any predefined folder views?

Yes, there are three predefined folder structures in the invoice processing solution, which allows direct access to the invoices for a calendar year, to all documents of a vendor or to the user data in the personnel file cabinet of the solution.

In the "Folders" area, you will see all folders to which you have access based on your user role. As part of the preconfigured solution your Internal or Organization Administrator can create new folders or modify the delivered folders to suit the needs of the user.

Folder view T2

To edit the folder or create a new folder: 

  • Open “Configurations” via the main menu
  • Go to “File Cabinets”
  • Click on the editing pen at the file cabinet you want to edit or create folder
  • Switch to the “Dialogs” tab and then to the “Folders” tab
  • Create a new folder by clicking on the “+ sign” on the bottom left or edit an existing folder by double clicking on the folder’s name
  • Drag & drop the desired fields to a folder structure
  • Save the folder structure by clicking “OK” and then “Save”



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