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Case Study: Non-profit

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Nonprofit uses digital document management to modernize processes, allowing caseworkers to dedicate more time to the at-risk youth and juvenile offenders they help.

Keeping the focus on providing services for at-risk-youth, juvenile offenders and their families

United Family Services (UFS), a nonprofit organization with 50 employees was established in Arkansas in 1991. Some of the valuable services on offer to community members include casework, aftercare services, house arrest, education, therapy, mental health, emergency shelter and residential treatment.

UFS wanted to implement an electronic database so that documents could be securely accessed and shared digitally - cost and ease-of-use were driving factors

Prior to going digital, the nonprofit was entirely paper driven. File management and sharing was slow and cumbersome. If a client moved, the paper files had to be transferred manually to that office location. 

DocuWare was selected and the cloud-based solution was implemented quickly. It improved information security and offered quick access to documents, enabling caseworkers to spend less time on administration and more time with their clients.


We made using DocuWare mandatory. Moving away from paper was hard for some of our employees but after seeing the benefits of a digital document solution and the user-friendliness of DocuWare, those who were initially opposed, came back to tell us how much they really liked the new system.

Lekita Thomas
Special Program Manager

Document retention was automated and productivity improved

Following employee training set up by Lekita Thomas, UFS’s Special Program Manager, caseworkers started using DocuWare for all new clients. 

The agency is required to store seven years of case files. Once the files from the past two years were digitized, the decision was made to stop back scanning older files and focus on expanding DocuWare to other processes.

Digital access eliminates paper-based processes for tracking information

Revision and digitization of documents and forms such as the intake form has streamlined data entry and eliminated document duplication. UFS converted some of their HR forms from word documents to online forms that automatically indexed and stored when a new employee hit “submit.” 

Employee stress levels have decreased as the burden of time-intensive paper processes has been lifted

USF employees now have more bandwidth to dedicate to quality interactions with their clients. This new flexibility has improved their work-life balance and overall job satisfaction. Approximately 10 employees, who worked as “gatekeepers” responsible for checking files in and out, have been reassigned to other tasks.

UFS creatively repurposed filing spaces into an on-site closet for clients

“We may have a client going to a job interview with nothing appropriate to wear. A quick stop at our on-site clothes closet can make all the difference. I’m so glad that we now have the space to provide this service,” stated Thomas.

Initially adopted to manage paper files, DocuWare has now been adopted across many departments company wide to address multiple processes. For Thomas, the biggest benefit is the increase in employee accountability. “I never need to ask an employee, “How many visits did you do this week? I can just look up the information in DocuWare!”

I had a caseworker take her client to a community college to enroll in school. The client felt very out of his element, so his caseworker took the time to sit with him throughout the entire financial aid process. DocuWare has lifted a burden from my caseworkers.

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