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Case Study: Construction / Building Management

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An organization committed to real estate for all in Brittany, Néotoa chose DocuWare for secure archiving, dematerialization and electronic signature of documents, the ultimate aim being to become “paperless”.

Néotoa has 330 staff, some 22,000 rental units in more than 300 municipalities, and nearly 3,000 home ownership units delivered. As a preferred partner of local authorities in the development of their territories, Néotoa builds nearly 700 housing units per year.

After embarking on a digital transformation process several years ago, Néotoa already had a document management solution that it used to archive and centralize its documents. Eager to extend scope of the EDM to all of its document flows such as employee files, tax and litigation, asset management and legal matters, the landlord was on the lookout for a new solution following a call for tenders in 2020.

Néotoa also wished to broaden the functional scope of its EDM to include electronic signature and take a step towards "zero paper". The contract was divided into two lots: lot 1 – renewal of its EDM tool, and lot 2 – electronic signature (digital signature tool), with DocuWare and its integrator partner bidding for both lots.

Construction / Building Management
Innax |ULIS |Neopost

Thanks to the electronic signature integrated in DocuWare's EDM, within two weeks all of our tenants had signed our payment plans.

Fabien Armand
IS Manager, NÉOTOA, Rennes (France)

Finding that its current tool was too isolated from its ULIS ERP system, that it lacked flexibility, and that the development costs required to extend its initial scope would be excessive, Néotoa decided to abandon it in favor of DocuWare, which won both contracts with its partner. “We found the DocuWare solution to be much more flexible, it gave us greater interoperability with our business tools and, in financial terms, it was much more competitive than competing solutions,” explained Fabien Armand, IS Manager.

Integration with the group's business applications: ULIS ERP, Neopost for outgoing mail, Innax for asbestos diagnostics was well received. “We received very proactive support from DocuWare. They were able to set up the various workflows and integration between our business tools quickly using web services,” Fabien Armand went on to add. With over one million documents stored in the EDM and 340 licenses in use, DocuWare is also widely used internally for digital archiving and document viewing.

Finally, use of electronic signatures, integrated in the DocuWare EDM, is a major advance over the former system. Integrated during the Covid-19 pandemic, this solution was very beneficial during the lockdown for business continuity, especially in a remote working context. Another benefit is the collection of rent from tenants, through the digital signature of payment plans (or payment schedule in the event of unpaid rent).

“In just 15 days, we saw immediate benefits in signing payment plans with our tenants. It used to be difficult to get more than 50% of documents signed in paper format, with postal mail entailing lengthy delivery times, but we obtained 100% of electronic signatures in a very short space of time. We hadn’t anticipated such a success, this is a real benefit in terms of processing time, gains in productivity and cash flow," concluded Fabien Armand.

After a tenant is contacted by phone, a follow-up email is subsequently sent out and this is signed digitally by the tenant and sent back by return. Just over 8 months after the roll-out, Fabien Armand is very enthusiastic about the DocuWare solution. The features the solution brings, such as indexing, web service catalog, integrated electronic signature and interoperability with the IS are key factors in this success.

We found the DocuWare solution to be much more flexible, as it provided greater interoperability with our business tools and, from the financial viewpoint, it was much more competitive than other solutions.

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