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DocuWare Cloud gives the digital agency maximum flexibility. KEMWEB teams can access relevant documents while on the road. Their accounting and administration staff can work without interruption – even from a home office – an invaluable asset in pandemic times.

Digital agency KEMWEB is an agile company that helps clients from a wide range of industries succeed in the digital world. With DocuWare Cloud, the company now provides optimal administrative support for its flexible teams, which are constantly reassembling on a project-by-project basis.

KEMWEB works with companies from the media/service sectors as well as more industrial companies to help them advance their digital business. Some recognizable clients: Werner & Mertz, Schott AG, Sanofi, Rotkäppchen Mumm, Stiftung Lesen, Lanxess, ZDF and DFB. Their broad portfolio of services includes hybrid events, videos, image films, broadcast contributions for television, online games, website creation, social media campaigns and podcasts. They serve their customers holistically in a digital world. This is certainly a big part of the company's success, which has witnessed continuous growth and now has a highly skilled team of 40 employees.

Six years ago, as Head of Finance and Administration, Judith Kemmann began to optimize the agency’s administrative processes, which includes a focus on sustainability and "green power." As she looked into the auditing process, she realized that their mixture of a self-developed digital filing system with physical folders that were passed around could not possibly meet the demands of an agile, growing company. In their search for a suitable DMS program, a clear preference emerged for a cloud solution. Other important criteria were integration options with existing applications and the adaptability to the needs of individual departments.

Service Provider

I'm pleased with how easy we have it now! Instead of going on document hunts, we use DocuWare's powerful search features and can view the documents we need in seconds.Instead of overflowing filing cabinets, we now have everything archived digitally, in a way that’s also audit-proof and environmentally friendly, all in one central document pool.

Judith Kemman
responsible for finance and administration at KEMWEB in Mainz

Together with their DocuWare Partner, they successively implemented projects for digitizing their administrative processes. For example, the process for checking incoming invoices was fundamentally restructured. Invoices from all suppliers - with the exception of some government agencies - are now received digitally at KEMWEB and enter the DocuWare inbox, where they are read and prepared for posting to the relevant G/L and vendor account. In an Excel format, DocuWare transfers the data about the documents (with appropriately defined field labels) to the Lexware accounting software. The employee responsible for incoming mail simultaneously distributes the invoices to those responsible for the individual projects for review and approval. At KEMWEB, projects work with cross-functional teams from the various "trades." Everyone involved - project managers, camera operators, editors, designers, developers, SEO specialists and copywriters - has DocuWare access and can also check and approve the invoices that concern them via cell phone.

Outgoing invoices generated in the Lexware software enter the archive at the push of a button. Their personnel files are also digitized. An interface to payroll, which is also created with Lexware, ensures that all employees have digital access to their monthly pay slips and can also view their personnel records in other ways. Another important application that was implemented with DocuWare is contract management. In their contract archive, all contracts, whether for tangible assets or insurance policies, are managed securely and transparently, along with their respective notice periods.

"In the Corona crisis, DocuWare was worth its weight in gold," says Judith Kemmann. "We no longer had to rely on a physical presence in the office. Administration and accounting processes had already been digitized. And the cloud solution meant we could access the archive from anywhere."

With the DocuWare solution, we have the agility to be a digital agency. Every team member can access the required documents at any time, from anywhere. Our processes are now clearly structured, transparent and uncluttered.

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